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Planning to migrate to Australia from India? Here is how to migrate

Australia is one of the most appealing destinations for Indians, especially for those with professional aspirations. For instance, Indian graduates and professionals seeking better job opportunities. Australia immigration from India has become a common practice.

There is a whole process involved if you, too, want to migrate to Australia from India. First, you need to acquire a visa from the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Before the unprecedented pandemic hit the world, a record number of Indian graduates, professionals, and families were heading to Australia under various immigration programs.

Australia lacks skilled employees in various sectors, which is perceived as an opportunity by Indian aspirants. If you have the requisite knowledge and skills in a particular sector, you can opt for Australia immigration from India to raise your standard of living.

A step-by-step guide to migration to Australia from India

Here is the process of migrating to Australia from India


The first thing that you need to do is by acquiring an Australian visa. You can take the help of Australian visa consultants in India to make your visa application process hassle-free. You can also apply by yourself. The Australian visa for Indians comes in various visa classes.

The major visa classes are as follows:

  • Temporary Work Visa – subclass 457
  • Skilled Independent Visa – subclass 189
  • Work and Holiday Visa – subclass 462
  • Temporary Long Stay Work Activity Visa – subclass 401
  • Permanent Business Talent Visa – subclass 132
  • Permanent Business Innovation & Investment Visa – subclass 888

The most popular visa sought by Indian immigrants through Australian visa consultants is the Skilled Immigration visa – subclass 189 because it gives permanent resident status after a certain time. However, you must meet several eligibility requirements to migrate to Australia from India.

After sorting your visa, you should start planning other things like your air tickets, finances, insurance, documents, jobs, and finding schools for your kids. Here is everything you have to prepare for:

Plan your finances

First of all, you will have to open a bank account in Australia. Having a bank account in Australia enables you to easily transfer your money from your Indian bank account to your Australian bank account. It should be an essential part of your immigration plan.

Plan your tax arrangements

You may be paying taxes in India, and when you are planning to immigrate to Australia, it becomes paramount to inform relevant government departments that you are leaving. You will need to hire an agent in India to help you with your tax arrangements. Generally, Australian consultants in India help find an ITR expert.

Plan your freight and insurance

When it comes to shifting from one country to another, you will need to choose a freight company and get insurance. This is to transfer your valuable possessions from India to Australia.  Look for freight companies that are not only inexpensive but reputable. To spare yourself further peace of mind, arrange freight insurance.

Pack everything with approximate valuations in terms of weight and size. If you have anything valuable, inform your freight company, as sometimes insurance has a limited cover.

Arrangement of requisite documents

Keep copies of key documents with you along with originals. Get a folder and put all your documents such as your passport, address proof, driving license, and copy of freight inventory in it. It would be wise to keep birth certificates and school reports with their copies.

To be on the safe side, scan all your documents and keep the scanned versions in a google document folder. You can easily and instantly access your documents in case of an emergency.

Change of Address 

You will need to get your address changed and arrange for all your mails to be forwarded to your address in Australia. It would be wise to set your address up for at least 6 minutes.

Plan your employment

If you are planning to work in Australia, it is crucial to find a job in advance. Talk to your employer and agree on a feasible joining date. You need some time to settle after your arrival.

Plan your children’s school admissions

If you are migrating with your family members, you will need to plan your children’s schooling. Speak with the person who manages the allocation of place and inquire on how to gain admissions. In some places in Australia, getting admission is somewhat complicated.

Arrange your accommodation

It will spare you a great amount of hassle if you find a place to live in advance. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find places based on your needs. Do not go and directly purchase a property.

Consider renting a place for at least a year. You may find new places and new opportunities due to which your plans may change. After understanding the locality, you will be able to find a home to purchase that best suits your needs.

Pack your travel bags

The first thing you need to consider while packing your bags is the current weather of Australia. You do not want to risk getting sick due to your negligence. Make sure you have to take clothing appropriate to the climate in Australia.

Also, it may take longer for your freight to arrive, so you will need to pack enough items to cover you until your freight reaches you.

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