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Perks Of Picking Pure Silk Luxury Carpet over an Artificial Silk Carpet

Handmade rugs and carpets play a prominent role for home designing and decor. This accent presents a unique floor statement changing the overall look of the complete space. Many materials and fabrics are used for weaving handmade luxury carpet. Most of them are made using natural fibres such as cotton, jute, pure wool and pure silk.

You can find luxury wool rugs available easily over luxury silk rugs. On the other hand, artificial silk, rayon and nylon are some synthetic fibres used for making carpets and rugs as well. In case, you don’t keep much inform related to handmade carpet and how to clean a carpet then you can be forfeited easily.

Most storekeepers will give you synthetic fibre carpet instead of the natural one in the same price. Most stores keep both artificial and natural silk carpet in stock. In general, natural silk carpet is pricey over artificial ones due to numerous reasons.

If you don’t know the reasons then this blog is exactly for you. Here, we put down some reasons which will prove that although expensive yet getting a natural silk carpet is far better. So, let’s start reading….

Material difference

Read the below section to know the basic difference between pure silk and artificial silk.

Pure silk

Pure silk is light like feather but as sturdy as steel. Silk is renowned worldwide as the most finest and luxurious natural fibre derived from silkworm. Widely, you can find pure silk in India, Japan and China. Chakra machine is used by the weavers for making the threads of pure silk.

China exports pure silk carpet or luxury silver carpet worldwide. It possesses a shiny look with soft touch. Due to the exclusiveness of the silk yarn the carpet made from it possesses luxurious look and quite expensive than artificial silk carpet.

Artificial silk

This fabric is manmade by China for the very first time and then followed by Japan. Although the look seems similar to that of the pure silk but a large marginal difference is there between the two. It is made by combining rayon and nylon fabric.

Construction difference

Hand-weaving or hand-knitting technique is used for making silk carpet. Several months to a year can take to finish weaving a single carpet. Both knots and piles are used for weaving silk carpet. Mainly silk carpet is of two kinds- silk on cotton and another one silk on silk.

In silk on cotton the warp is cotton and weft is of pure silk. On another flip, in silk on silk both weft and warp is of pure silk. But artificial silk carpet always manufactures on machine. A pure silk rug possesses highest knot count ranging from 200 knots/in2 to 500 knots/in2. Due to such high number of knots often, it possesses an intricate patterned design.

Durability difference

A significant difference can be witnessed within durability as well. any handmade silk carpet will last for 10-50 long years in which artificial silk can last maximum up to 5 years.

Carpet look difference

Any hand-knitted silk carpet depicts luxurious and royal look. It exhibits like as exclusive piece whereas artificial silk carpets possess normal and causal look.

At last, after long and detailed discussion, it is clear that pure silk carpet is best over artificial ones. Hence, you can find out any luxury carpet company to go through some exclusive collection to pick from. Always check the quality of the carpet they offer as luxurious and exclusive stocks are rare.

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