Perimeter Security System: What is it, Key Objectives and Its Benefits

Many companies believe a simple fence or gates will get the job done in offering security from unauthorized entry. While they do offer protection solutions, their protection level isn’t adequate to do the work well.  So, if you’re hoping to protect sensitive information/sites you need quality perimeter protection. Read our handy guide to understand what perimeter security is, what are its objectives and various benefits about perimeter protection!

What is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security, also referred to as perimeter protection, is the first and foremost line to secure a property’s site or industrial facility from an intruder.  Every theft starts from this point and hence protecting it becomes the most important part of the security system. Well, perimeter security is exactly what you’d think of as security guards or gates. However, modern and advanced technology takes it a step further to provide added protection, safety and security against intruders. At Optex Pinnacle India Pvt. Ltd one of our specialty solutions is ensuring you have the correct perimeter security system to fulfill your security needs adequately.

Objectives of Perimeter Security System

  • Early detection of intrusion which means before they penetrate the facility
  • Alert the guards in advance in order to take the appropriate next steps
  • Stability against strong electromagnetic emission

Considering the number of restrictions, it is recommended to install a perimeter security system with other security systems like intruder alarms.

Types of Perimeter Security System

There are different types of perimeter security systems nowadays. Therefore it is crucial to make the right decision depending on the need for a particular facility.

  1. Access Control System

The Access Control System is a type of security system that allows only the authorized person to enter, thus preventing the access of intruders.

  1. Electrified Fences

Electrified fencing is one of the most traditional ways of perimeter protection. Since the fence is electrified, if someone tries to trespass it activates an alarm.

  1. Photoelectric Beam Detector

Photoelectric beam detectors work on the principle of infrared beam detection. In case of any disturbance in the path of the infrared beam, the sensors suspect it treating it as an intrusion attempt and raise an alert to the owners.

  1. Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance system is the kind of security solution that keeps on recording the live footage of whatever comes in its range.

  1. Motion sensors

This kind of security is perfect for outdoor perimeter protection. It detects movements through the use of infrared rays. Whenever there is unauthorized entry the sensor detects that due to a change in temperature or energy levels in the surroundings. It thus sends warning signals to alert the respective personnel.

  1. Ground based radar system

Ground based radar systems specialize in an early warning for the presence of people in vehicles for both short and medium distances.

  1. Laser based intrusion detectors

These types of security systems use laser scanners for detecting intrusion. Whenever someone tries to come into your perimeter, the alarm goes off immediately to the concerned security people.

There are other perimeter security solutions such as seismic sensors, optical fybre detection systems and microphonic perimeter disturbance sensors and more.

Benefits of Perimeter Security System

The perimeter security system offers a number of advantages. Check it out!

  1. Choose who enters your business

The Access control system controls exactly who enters your site. It makes you decide whom to allow and whom not to allow in your perimeter.

  1. Protecting your premises and valuable content

The most obvious advantage is that you’re protecting your premises. This includes not just the physical building but also the valuable content. Moreover, you are also protecting those who work for you and visit your organization to ensure everyone is safe.

  1. Choose from multiple security solutions

In general, you might think of just fences or guards when you think of perimeter protection but the truth is there are a number of effective options such as photoelectric beam detectors, access control systems, video surveillance and more. Working with an established company like Optex Pinnacle India Pvt. Ltd enables you to get the best advice on which solution would work best for your premises and within your budget. The complete perimeter intrusion detection system plays a vital role for ATMS/ banks, data centers etc.

  1. Prevents burglaries

If your premises’ boundaries are protected using perimeter security systems, it does not leave any room for potential intruders to enter into your private space.

  1. Control traffic flow

With perimeter security, you can manage the flow of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This is especially useful at those places where people arrive and leave at the same time everyday.

  1. Prevents illegal access

Regardless of the perimeter security solution you opt for, it can be putting off people who plan to illegally intrude in your premises. Thus, it can protect your business from any wrong activities/doing by intruders.

  1. Prevents accidents at critical places

Perimeter security becomes a crucial aspect at places like construction sites, manufacturing plants etc for accident prevention.

  1. Spontaneous response

The security systems give spontaneous and advance alerts to the concerned person in case of any intrusion attempt, thus, giving them time to decide the next course of action.

If you’re considering protecting your premises from unauthorized visitors, perimeter security services are definitely a good solution.

Perimeter security system and services

Optex Pinnacle India Pvt. Ltd is a Gurgaon, Haryana based company offering perimeter protection.We manufacture best quality perimeter intrusion detection system. We have all kinds of perimeter protection needs for your facility. Our equipment is known to provide effective security and surveillance solutions including perimeter alarm systems. Customer service is our top priority and thus we service our customers through every stage of the project to ensure high-quality service. We have solutions to secure different businesses and areas of work like airports, ATMS/banks, defence borders, data centers, construction sites and more. Since we have worked with a range of different businesses, we understand how powerful the solution can be. To discuss parameter security solutions, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you.

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