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OPPO vs Samsung review

OPPO vs Samsung

OPPO and Samsung are both known smartphone brands that have been striving in the phone industry for long. However, Samsung is not just a decade old but rather sets of decades, meaning its value and power is inevitably major. OPPO, on the other hand, is a Chinese brand that was originated back in the 2004. Samsung smartphones also come from a Korean company that was in actual introduced in early 1900’s.  Today, we are comparing both android phones brands for the love of fans and the ones who need to check upon what they should prefer. Whether you are an OPPO 5g Phone user or a Samsung oldie, this comparison shall still give you an in-depth knowledge. Let’s dive in!



The Samsung brand was initially founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 but it began to be an electronics company in late 1960s. Samsung started to gain much more popularity from 1990 and enhanced its activities globally. Samsung smartphones have been a part of every little improvement that has emerged in the technology. With every new year, it continued to expand with the latest, most advanced Samsung phones.


OPPO as a brand was registered in 2001 but initiated in 2004 as a Chinese manufacturer. With its continuous efforts and back-to-back additions in its tech products, OPPO has now become the biggest retailer in China and world. OPPO has become more popular in the recent years with OPPO best budget phone range and also best camera phones.

Current Brand Reputation

Samsung: Currently, Samsung is the 7th or 8th in brand value with its high-end android phones and electronics. Many of the Samsung phones have crossed records for the first-ever technology inclusion or new biggest device. In 2018, Samsung also launched World’s biggest mobile production facility in one of the cities.

OPPO: With the advancement of technology, OPPO has continued to own its success with versatile 5g mobile phones range. OPPO was mentioned in the top five brands in the smartphone market and the top brand in China in 2019.

Types of audiences

The audience of both smartphones have fair share of differences in accordance with the looks, price factor and functionality. Where Samsung phones are mostly built for high-end or premium range users, OPPO has every phone in an affordable range even in its top-notch series. Samsung mobiles have got their users loyal to them with their fast-paced android processors and OS, with reliable speed and performance. OPPO on the other hand keeps a level of diversity in its smartphones with innovative designs and artificial intelligence cameras. Even though OPPO has introduced its premium and expensive phones, it is more known for its mid-range beasts. The Samsung is still more oriented towards affluent consumers who get top-grade technology in the bulk of a price.

The Ultimate Comparison: OPPO V/s Samsung

Processor Equipment: 

The processors used in both OPPO and Samsung mobile phones are relatively different. In Samsung phones, mostly the Snapdragon processors are used whereas some the latest and premium ones also use Exynos. On the contrary, OPPO 5g phones mostly use MediaTek Helio processors, and also Snapdragon in some of their editions. Comparatively, the processors found in Samsung are ranked faster, especially in its flagship models. But OPPO is also not leaving itself behind recently with a steady and reliable overall performance.

Operating System:

The Operating system used in the Samsung is purely based on latest or recent android. While in the OPPO phones, you will observe Color OS which is an operating system of OPPO itself. But the color OS is also based on Android operating system and acts similar in speed and performance. The major changes are in the layout, design and most definitely colour schemes that OPPO has included in its operating system.

Price Factor:

There is a whole a lot of difference when it comes to cost rates of both mobile phones range. As you must already know, OPPO mobiles UK come in great affordable prices but the latest flagship models have a higher price point. On the contrary, Samsung does include midrange smartphones but there are models which are comparatively high in price for specs. But, as the integral value and reliable performance of the brand plays a role, there is a big wide audience for Samsung. OPPO now focuses on all price ranges specifically targeting a reasonable value for midrange and low budget consumers. But the newly launched series that launched premium as ever flagship OPPO android phones have a superior price.

Build & Design:

In design, OPPO and Samsung naturally strike a clear difference. You can just take a glance at both brands mobiles and tell which one is from what brand. Even though, Samsung is now bringing a lot of cut-edge technology designs and record making build style in its phones. OPPO still continues to innovate newer design layouts like its camera notch. OPPO was the first one to bring a pop-up camera style in its smartphones which waved popularity for its versatility. Samsung usually follows its typical old style where in midrange you can observe a certain quality. And in its flagship models it plays out a little extra in the terms of polished, and slightly creative design aspect. Now, there are also Samsung phones which are designed in a style that can bend them like a toy. For this, it has also set multiple record. In an ultimatum, both phones come with a prominent style difference except both use Gorilla glass on their displays.

Camera Style & Quality:

Whilst OPPO created some unusual and versatile trends in its camera equipment, Samsung was never behind in providing best quality cameras. When it comes to specs, OPPO stays on the top in arming its smartphones with the higher specs range. But, in performance terms it may be a little less good in some areas as compared to Samsung. However, in some factors like artificial intelligence, low-light dark picture modes, OPPO has the best camera phone range.

Best OPPO & Samsung Phones Comparison

Oppo Find X3 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

On the out-front both these android 5g phones come in relative price and specs. The OPPO Find X3 Pro find a faster way to impress with its style in a head-to-head comparison. But the overall quality and experience of both mobiles remain on the same page. Specs like storage and double fast charging in OPPO Find X3 Pro stage ahead while Samsung shines with its better zoom camera. Additionally, OPPO comes with a price that is 100 pounds lesser than Samsung Galaxy S21.

OPPO Find X2 vs Samsung Galaxy S20:

The OPPO Find X2 and Samsung Galaxy S20 come in the same price range. The overall performance of both these mobile phones remains spectacular but OPPO stands out with its Snapdragon processor. The camera of Samsung performs better in terms of dynamic range and Galaxy also sports a 200 mAH extra battery capacity. OPPO’s camera performs well in low-light and selfie mode.

Oppo Find X2 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is slightly smaller in size as compared to the Samsung S20. The clear difference is the 6.7-inch AMOLED screen of OPPO and 6.9-inch WQHD dynamic AMOLED screen of Samsung. So, if you want to get a bigger size display, Samsung is a better choice here. The design of the OPPO Find X2 Pro is more curved, hence, seemingly appears to be more stylish. In the terms of performance, both phones play a similar role and feature the same processor with storage and RAM. Samsung here is able to provide a bit more lasting time of its battery life. The digital zoom camera of OPPO, is better than the Samsung S20 Ultra.

Bottom Line

Here we are with the versatile comparison of OPPO smartphones and Samsung phones. Both these brands are widely known for their creative designs, advanced 5G technology, solid hardware, and incredible cam eras. You can find the latest Samsung phones in the market and official sites. For OPPO, you can check them out at official OPPO Store online in UK.



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