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Opening the hood of the Lexus LX 570

The 8-cylinder engine is covered with an additional protective plastic box. The displacement of the 3UR-FE engine, to be exact, 5663 cubic centimeters, heats up quickly in winter and cools for a long time. In such conditions. 2nd-row passengers can also use the heat or coolness of the air conditioner at the start of the journey; 28 air vents are distributed throughout the cabin. In addition, multimedia entertainment is available on the second row of seats. Our equipment was equipped with an infotainment system for the rear passengers with a 7-inch display mounted on the front seat backrests. This equipment is basic for all configurations except Premium.

Then, on the second row of seats, the passenger can adjust one of the climate zones. Adjust his part of the seat longitudinally and in the angle of the backrest. View and listen to various video and audio content. This car is good for both drivers and passengers. But above all, of course, we were interested in the sensations in the driver’s seat. Considering the size of the car and the huge interior, I was expecting certain sensations from driving the LX 570; Lx 570 justified all expectations; moreover, the LX surprised me with its comfort. let me tell you one thing that the Farago Motors is the one you need in your life, if you want to buy the the Lx 570. 

As it turned out in this chassis SUV, it is more comfortable to drive even in the urban jungle than most business-class sedans. There are practically no noises from the engine and spiked tires in the passenger compartment, aerodynamic noises, and road noises. The explanation for this excellent comfort is simple: our SUV is equipped with a sturdy and rigid chassis, and with this arrangement. The suspension is separated from the body frame, so noise and vibrations practically bother neither the driver nor the passengers.


The Lexus LX 570, equipped with a powerful naturally aspirated engine, does not favor a lively and dynamic drive. No, he, of course, can prove from 7.5 seconds to a hundred, but it is much more pleasant to move smoothly on it, feeling a huge reserve of power and enjoying its superiority over other cars in the flow. Aerodynamics and design features prevent the LX 570 from running like a passenger car. Still, this SUV with hydropneumatic front and rear suspension has its solution for rocking and rolling. Adaptive suspension has several comfort modes that can be manually selected: Sport, Comfort, and central location, which can be defined as “average” or “normal.” I spent most of my time driving in Comfort mode,


The suspension in this mode becomes soft and flexible and has some characteristics; for example, at low speed when driving on the tram tracks, it is very comfortable, but as the speed increases. The impact of the wheels on irregularities becomes harder and more noticeable, after which you want to go slowly again. Well, as usual, roll and sway at speed can accompany you on the track if you leave the selector in Comfort mode that I love it so much. Still, if you switch to Sport, then the situation straightens; the suspension regulates the slopes more clearly and allows you to roll less in the corners. In general, when driving more dynamically, the car begins to behave nicely, requiring you to check only the gas pedal. But if you have to push into a traffic jam,

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Camera images are transmitted to the navigation system display; as there are four cameras, the driver can change views: front, left, and right parts of the car in front. Left and right parts of the car in the rear, rear. I liked this way of looking around when driving. On a high curb when it was necessary to turn right under the arrow, and a huge truck veered unsuccessfully into the next lane. If I didn’t have an all-round view, I wouldn’t stick between the curb and the dump truck, and I wouldn’t spit with the cameras.

Lexus LX 570 has a 6-speed automatic transmission: 

Aisin and permanent all-wheel drive with limited-slip Torsen-type asymmetrical center differential. It distributes torque in a ratio of 40:60 in favor of the rear axle. The transfer case has a shift ratio of 2.62: 1. The center differential can be forcibly locked via a button. Front and rear differentials are free. Their locking is imitated by the stabilization system, which breaks the spinning wheels. Add Hill Assist Control, Adaptive Multi-Terrain ABS, and Crawl Control. You have a car that has an answer to almost any question: “How do we get there?”.

The above systems can provide a smooth start on hills with rollback prevention, detect areas of the road with a loose surface, snow or gravel and automatically compensate for braking forces. Select a comfortable low speed and fine-tune torque and braking forces, allowing the driver to focus on steering wheel control. Yes, the Lexus LX 570 also has Off-Road Turn Assist. Which allows you to reduce the turning radius by directing more braking force to the inner rear wheel. The need for such a system is difficult to overestimate, when it is necessary to make a sharp turn in tight spaces. It allows you to reduce the turning radius by directing more braking force to the inner rear wheel. 

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