Novice car buying notice: car buying process, cost and precautions


It is difficult to buy a property in Malaysia, but it is relatively easy to buy a car. Although buying a car is an easy process, there are a few points you must consider first. This week, keen hoong will explain the process, cost and precautions of buying a car, and provide you with a few tips. And recommend you to visit platform buying or selling cars like and check car like proton persona. This used car has a reasonable price of RM13,500 in Malaysia. 


Novice buying a car: Where to buy a car?

Before buying a car, you must first decide whether you want to buy a new car or a used car. Both have their pros and cons-the new car has no wastage, the mileage is almost zero, and it is generally maintained by the original factory. Although the price of a used car is much lower, it may be damaged or scratched, and there is no original maintenance.


To buy a new car, you can go to any car dealer. Many car dealers have websites that allow you to check the models and prices of cars sold at any time.


To buy cheap second-hand cars, you can find second-hand car dealers, such as Banchoon motorsports enterprise, which has an exhibition center in  Jalan Ej 5/1 Taman ehsan jaya 81100 JB Johor Johor Bahru Johor. Some dealers, such as BMW, also sell second-hand cars. However, these agents may only have a few second-hand cars available for purchase in the showroom. If you plan to test the car, it is best to contact them first and make an appointment.


Finally, you can also buy used cars online. There are car dealers and private car owners who sell second-hand cars on these websites. But you can find any type of dealer at one platform website like

What documents do I need to prepare for buying a car?

After picking up your mind, the next step is to go through the car purchase procedures. To buy a car in malaysia, you need the following documents:


  •  Malaysia Identity Card
  •  Driver’s License
  •  Address for first-time vehicle registration procedures or second-hand car name change        procedures
  • At least purchase third party liability insurance
  • Cost to consider before buying a car

In addition to documents, you also need to consider the cost of buying a car. 

In addition, don’t forget the expenses required to maintain a car, including the expenses of Malaysia license fees. According to the budget announced on February 24, 2021, the first registration tax and license fee for private cars will be raised by 15 % and 30% on the same day

Advantage of used car

The post triggered a heated discussion. Some villagers analyzed the advantages of second-hand cars. “if you include those people in categories that used a lot of car. Then buy a used car for a few years. 


But if you buy a car that is only three years old and about 50,000 kilometers, the price is about 200,0 ringgit. This is actually a good deal.” Other people said, “I must buy a second-hand car. The three-year car will be 50-70% off. Bad”, “Some are sentimental.”


However, some people think that the definition of mass use is difficult to say, whether a new car or a newer second-hand car will face similar problems, so how to buy a car is cost-effective? I’m afraid it still depends on individual needs.

Novice car owners: precautions before buying a car

If you have already seen the center, remember to do the following three things before placing your order:


1. Test run

It depends on where you buy the car, is it a car dealer? auctions? Or second-hand resale? All in all, if the situation permits, remember to test the car . In this way, you can personally feel the performance of the vehicle, the indoor space, and whether everything is normal in operation. In addition, you can also feel the rotation wave and foot switch response of the lining machine, and ensure that the four wheels are properly positioned.

2. Request for “Certificate of Vehicle Registration Details”

The “Certificate of Vehicle Registration Details” records whether the vehicle has experienced an accident or insurance accident. For buyers, this information is extremely useful, because it can prevent the second-hand car from still having unpaid tickets. For more information, please contact the Licensing Office of the Transport Department

3. Check the car before placing the order

Car inspection before placing an order to buy a used car can be said to be an indispensable step. The vehicle inspection service provided by the Malaysia Automobile Association can ensure that the vehicle is functioning well, so that you do not have to count the damage caused by others. it is better to ask the car checker to inspect the car. But our dealer also check these thing before posting car on website

Buy a new car and order a second-hand car?

In addition to economic factors, there are many considerations when buying a first-hand car or a second-hand car. You can refer to our buying a new car vs. a second-hand car: what are the considerations and advantages and disadvantages?, you have the ability to compare the two and difference of the two and make a decision.  

Buy car insurance

The last step in buying a car is to insure the new car. You must have insurance for the car.  However, this type of insurance will only provide protection for the loss of a third party’s property. If you accidentally crash, the coverage of the three guarantees does not include personal car and property damage. Although comprehensive car insurance is more comprehensive, the premiums are also much more expensive.

Contact us to learn more about auto insurance plans

If you want to talk to us, you can contact our customer service specialists, they can provide neutral advice and help you compare insurance plans!. And we have a team for a great response at any time. Our dealer remains online to provide assistance to you. Please visit the site and feel free to contact their dealer. we provide all models in one place. And different dealers exhibit their model on this platform. you will find the best service from any other site.


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