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Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts Under $200

Sixtieth birthday? Wow, sounds great! Isn’t it? You might also be thinking about this milestone day, when your parents turn 60. You might be working hard on sorting out the meaningful 60th birthday gifts that you can give to your parents because you don’t want to be as casual as you were in the previous years while gifting gifts.

This year you might be thinking of celebrating it in grandeur manner to mark it as the biggest birthday in their lives in every possible manner.  You might have already planned on big parties and family tour but if you’re still indecisive about gifts and struggling out on kind of gifts, then just don’t worry! 

60th Birthday Gifts under $200 for Moms


With herbal aroma, these slippers are real comfort for extreme, cold feet. They are really very comfortable and cozy. Insoles can be heated in your microwave for about 30 seconds, not more than that. They are specifically made to comfort your feet while you are relaxing. Even you have the option of cooling them in your fridge during summer. Your mom will surely love this heart-warming gift! She will definitely feel how you care for her well being!


This kitchen appliance is a premium full-size toaster oven with built-in air fryer. It uses ultra hot air and can be used by your mom to make fried food if she’s a fried food lover. Your mom, at the same time, can bake, broil and toast and offer it to the whole family, friends and relish it herself. Very little oil is needed or no oil at all and once cooking is done, its nonstick interiors and dishwasher-safe baking pans make cleanup more comfortable and easy.

60th Birthday Gifts under $200 for Moms


Now your dad is at rest once he’s gifted the locks. It cannot be opened without the key. It has most effective home use lock. Your dad can keep the wine bottle secure from anyone’s easy access. All he needs to do is to place the unit over the bottle and press in the cartridge, turn and remove the key.


If your dad loves adventure, then I must say, he would be exhilarated to get this gift from you on his special birthday. It will give him a clear view of everything that he desires to see on his trip. It is a high-power binocular which is very solid. This binoculars have aspherical multicoated lenses, BaK 4 high index porro prism and Eco-Glass increases brightness and clarity of the object. If your dad wants to go for a jungle safari in deep African jungle, this gift would be the best gift for him because he can enjoy the wildlife from a distant place with extreme brightness and perfection of pictures.


We are sure, by now, all your dilemma is solved because you have many options left to choose the best gift for your parents. Through these gifts, you get the opportunity to show your love to your parents and make them the feeling how you care for them and how important they are to you!

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