Meaning, Definition, Elements and Types of News

Meaning, Definition, Elements and Types of News

Today the word ‘news’ is not a new word for us. Man has discovered and developed all kinds of methods, methods and mediums since ancient times to get information about events. Receiving news through letters is the oldest of these media, which came into existence after the development of script and postal system.

Giving your news to your loved ones, friends and well wishers through letters and getting their news is still the most popular means for human beings. Newspapers, radio, television are the modern means of receiving news which have come into existence after scientific discovery like print, radio and television. So let us know in detail about the meaning, definition, elements and types of news.
meaning of news

People want to know about the happenings in social life

they want to tell those who know. This sense of curiosity prevails in man. This curiosity is the basic element of news and journalism in the broadest sense. If curiosity is not there, then there will be no need for news. Thinking about your everyday life in general, you will find that two people live around and almost kings meet.

Despite this, whenever they meet, they ask each other a simple question, what is the situation? Or what’s the news? If we look at this question carefully, there remains a curiosity in both of them as to what has happened in their lives when we have not met. We always want to know from our friends, relatives and colleagues about their well being or events around them.

This desire to know has given birth to the news.

This desire to know gives us a lot of information about our neighbourhood, city, state and country and world. These information affect our daily life as well as the whole society. This information helps us decide what our next step will be. This is the reason why the importance of information and communication media has increased a lot in modern society. Today, we get most of the information about what is happening in the country and the world through the news media.

News from all over the world reaches our homes through various news media

whether it is newspapers or television and radio or internet or social media. Journalists working in news organizations convert the events happening in the country and the world in the form of news and convey them to us. For this, they collect information daily and present them in the format of news. Or rather, every information affecting the individual, the society, the country and the world is news. That is, the report of an incident is news.

The word news is the Hindi translation of the English

word ‘news’. In terms of semantics, the word ‘news’ is formed from the four letters of English, ‘N’, ‘E’, ‘W’, ‘S’. These four letters ‘North’ indicate North, ‘Ishta’ East, ‘West’ West and ‘South’ for South. In this way, the meaning of ‘news’ is from its prevalence in the fourteenth century. If news can be seen as a plural form of the English word ‘new’ which means ‘new’.

That is, the description or information of whatever new, contemporary happening around the society is called news. It is worth mentioning here that any event is not news in itself, but the description of that event which reaches the readers or listeners through newspapers or other medium is called news.

The meaning of news in Hindi is also almost the same. It can be understood by ‘Sam’ ‘Achar’. According to the Great Hindi Dictionary, the meaning of ‘even’ is the same, integral, created, similar, equal, equal, completely divisible by two, not skewed, non-partisan, fair, honest, truthful, simple.

The meaning of ‘Achar’ is character, gait, good conduct, behavior, scriptural conduct, manner of behavior. And ‘Samachar’ means equal conduct, non-partisan behavior, equal conduct, which will not be heterogeneous. Thus, in the broad dictionary, it is clear that sam means equal, equal and conduct means behavior. In other words, the one who honestly shares the conduct, conduct and behavior of the society without any bias, will be called news.

Definition of News

Whatever the subject, the definitions are varied and often incomplete. Exactly the same is the case with the news. Just as everything printed in the newspaper is not news, similarly not every incident can take the form of news. The report of an event is news that affects the individual, society and country and the world. Along with this, it is directly related to the above. Journalism has been defined in different words by various mystics who are penetrating related to this work. To understand the nature of journalism, some important definitions are being mentioned here:

Western Thought

Ree C Hopwood :- Those important events in which the public is interested, the first report can be called news.

William G. Blair: – A description of a current event which has been selected by the editorial staff of the editorial department of a newspaper because it is interesting and important to the readers, or it has been made.

Harper Leach:- And John C. Carroll News is a dynamic literature.

John B. Bogart:- When a dog bites a man, it is not news, but if a man bites a dog, it will be news.

JJ Sidler: All that a sufficient number of men would like to know is news, provided that it does not

Violate the laws of prestige and prestige.

Thus the Turrie C. Hapwood and William G. Blair incident reports have held the reader’s interest as important. The literary dynamics that Harper and Jan have carried are considered news. If there is something out of the ordinary, then John B. Bogart considers it news. JJ Sidler has considered any subject to satisfy curiosity, which reaches the readers within the limits of the rule, in the category of news.

Indian thought

Dr. Nishant Singh:- Information about any new incident is news.

Naveen Chandra Pant:- New information about any incident is news.

Nand Kishore Trikha:- Any event or idea that more and more people are interested to know is news.

Sanjeev Bhawwat:- Information about the exceptionality of an event is news.

Ramchandra Verma: – Information about such a recent or recent event about which people are not aware is news.

Subhash Dhulia:- News are based on such current events, problems and thoughts which are interested in more and more people to know and which have an impact on more and more people.

Manukodan Chelapati Rao: The novelty of news lies in giving information about change. That information, be it political, social or economic. There is excitement in change.

KP Narayanan:- News is a precise and unbiased description of important facts of a current event, so that readers are interested in the newspaper that publishes this description.
Indian scholars have said almost the same thing in the definition of news. Dr. Nishant Singh and Navin

Chandra Pant have considered the new incident as news.

Nand Kishore Trikha has considered the incident with which people are interested as news. Sanjeev Bhawat has also considered the information of the extraordinary incident as news.

Ramchandra Verma has considered the information of the incident which is related to the people as news. Subhash Dhulia has considered a current event, an idea which is related to more and more people, then Manukodan Chelapati Rao has considered any topic to be novelty as news which indicates change. KP Narayanan, being impartial, presenting a current event according to the interest of the readers is news. In this way, different scholars have given the definition of news according to their own.

elements of news

Information is at the core of news. And this information is of current events. The journalist collects the information that has happened and makes it fit to satisfy the curiosity of the readers by molding it into the format of the news. The curiosity of the readers always tries to find answers to the questions of who, what, when, where, why and how in that news.

But while writing the news, finding the answer to these questions and reaching the readers in its full meaning is the biggest challenge. The center of every debate about news is that what is the answer to these six questions and how is being given. Even while writing the news, all the facts to be included and the underlying interpretations also have to be presented in a framework or structure.

news structure

Talking about the news structure, it can mainly be divided into three sections. The first consists of an intro in which the question of ‘what happened’ can be answered which explains what happened. Whatever is left in the second is kept. And finally all that is needed to complete the news is put.

news structure

In this way, the first thing in the news is the introduction of the news. It is real news which tells readers in few words what has happened. The intro has to be explained in the subsequent paragraph. The questions which are left incomplete in the intro have to be answered. Therefore, it is necessary to give explanatory information after the intro while writing the news. This should be followed by descriptive or descriptive information. Describing the scene, from this point of view, it can be said that it depends on the nature of the incident, how important is the descriptive information.

For example

if there is a festival going on in which many cultural and social programs are going on, then definitely the details of the place of occurrence are most important while writing its news. But if a politician holds a press conference then it has nothing to give details (telling about the atmosphere of the press conference). Yes a journalist can do what a politician can do to investigate what the politician said, what was the purpose of calling this press conference. Here it can become news that something is not being hidden in the news.

Five W’s and one H’s required to complete after the description

and which could not include in the earlier three sections at the time of writing the news. In this, additional information related to the first three sections. For each event to be projecting in the right direction, it is also necessary to go into the background.

The reader also wishes to know the background of any such incident. For example, if some people die due to the collapse of an unsafe house in a city, then it is also relevant that the readers should also be telling how many such incidents have happened in the last one year and how many people have died. What steps have been taken by the administration to prevent such incidents and to what extent they have been successful. And if not successful then why?


In this way, it can say that the news structure consists of this sequence – intro, explanatory information, descriptive information, additional information and background.

In the meaning of news, we have seen what is the nature of news. Its main elements easily understood. Dry facts may not become news, but the facts which affect the life and thoughts of common man, he likes and agitates, they become news. Keeping this need of news in mind, the inclusion of six elements in the news considered essential. These are what, where, when, who, why and how.

Meaning, Definition, Elements and Types of News

In English these called five ‘W’, who, what, when, why where and one ‘h’ how. In answering these six questions, every aspect of an incident comes to the fore, but while writing the news, finding the answer to these questions and reaching it in its full meaning to the readers is the task of the biggest challenge. This is a complex process.
What happened? About which the news has written.

Where – where? Which place, city, village, state or country related to the incident given in the ‘news’.
When – What time, what day, what occasion is the ‘news’.
Who – Who are the people related to the subject of ‘news’ (events, accounts etc.).
Why – Background of ‘News’.
How – Full details of ‘News’.
These six kakars (six questions starting with the letter “A”) are the soul of news. The inclusion of these elements in the news is mandatory.


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