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Maybelline vs. L’Oreal: Which one is better

Makeup has always been making beauty industry pop! And cosmetic products of Maybelline Pakistan have become an obsession for Pakistani women. Maybelline brand has been creating hype in the industry ever since it came into existence and on the other hand L’Oreal makeup brand has been providing one of the finest quality makeup products around the world just like Maybelline. Both these brands are considered as high-end brands not just in Pakistan but around the world too and both these brands have their best hits and bad misses too.

When it comes to comparing both these brands it is hard to choose one because both these brands are used by feminine. Every woman who is makeup fanatic must have Maybelline as well as L’Oreal products in her makeup kits. These brands are always trending among females whether it is Pakistan or Europe or U.S.A or UK. It is quite a hard choice to become fan of one of these two makeup brands because both these brands provide quite similar products and their quality is amazing as always.

Let’s talk about few hits and misses of these brands.


Maybelline Pakistan has a variety of mascaras to offer and Maybelline Lash sensational mascara is on top of it. Maybelline Lash sensational mascara and L’Oreal paradise Mascara both a win-win product if you buy one of these. They both are water proof and light in weight and they don’t make your eyes tired. These mascaras are smudge proof and when application is done they don’t make your lashes look like spider’s legs. The fiber both these mascaras contain makes your eyes lashes look long and since they are water proof it means they have a long-lasting super staying power. Both these Mascaras are unique in their forms.


Here is a common thing about knowing which product is good is by swatching them on your wrist and see how much it spreads. If the product spreads longer then it means the product is good. The applicator is convenient to apply on pimples and under eyes skin which gives you perfect coverage whether it is Maybelline or L’Oreal. Both these concealers go smooth on your face, almost like butter. These concealer give you decent coverage without making your under eyes look grey-ish and help prevent creases on your face and doesn’t make your eyes look cakey at all.


Matte foundation is never preferable for dry skin.  But if you don’t have dry skin then L’Oreal Infallible matte is a great. This foundation doesn’t dry out on your face or doesn’t crake as well. It dries up quickly and gives a powder finish matte look to your face and on the other hand Maybelline fit me matte foundation which is pore-less is amazing as it helps make your skin appearance even because it claims to blur pores as its name says it all! It gives you a natural look and matte finish. It helps control oil on your face and gives a decent coverage.


L’Oreal Superliner color is jet black. It gives your eyes a perfect kitten look. The nib of the pen is not like brush, it looks like felt-tip pen which can be considered as a sharp nib which is perfect for beginners. This liner has a long lasting staying power. Let’s talk about Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner which is exactly the same as L’Oreal. It also has a long lasting staying power and a pointy nib which makes it perfect and easy to apply and to make a wing. These is only one difference and that is their shade, L’Oreal is completely jet black and Maybelline is forest black it can be considered black but not jet black.

Powder Foundation

Maybelline Fit me powder foundation is obviously powder-based foundation which gives you a perfect coverage and makes your skin look even and smooth. It literally blurs out the pores of your skin and leaves it flawless, silky and beautiful. This Maybelline product doesn’t make your face cakey, it is quite light weight and the texture is subtle.  Now let’s come up to L’Oreal which also offers powder-based foundation which has radical-fine powder particles. It perfectly blends on your face with no resistance. It helps get rid of the camouflage skin be giving a perfect coverage to your face and neck. The texture of this product is silky and smooth. And it also has a long-lasting staying power.

As we can see both Maybelline Pakistan and L’Oreal cosmetic products are hard to compare as both of these bands belong to the list of being famous all around the world for their top-notch quality products. There is not much difference both of them worth the hype. A difference can in found in their prices though! Maybelline is super affordable as compared to L’Oreal products prices.

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