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Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn: How to Do it?

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy –  LinkedIn is a great platform to get leads and conversions for businesses, entrepreneurs and business people. More importantly, the majority of LinkedIn users are related to the B2B business model and most of the experts recommend it for B2B leads. But you can also use it for B2C models if you find the right prospects for your business on LinkedIn.

If you are not utilizing this platform to get leads and sales then you are losing a big opportunity. Because the LinkedIn platform is filled up with prospects, leads and sales. So you just need to land on this platform and start working effectively.

Now, many individuals perform LinkedIn marketing in a very wrong way. If you are also making such mistakes then you are never going to generate leads and sales through LinkedIn. So more important thing is to develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business. Don’t know how to do it? Well, we are here with this amazing guideline.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn is one of the popular platforms used for professional relation build up. Many professionals, freelancers, business people, executive-level staff are there on this platform for business relationships. And utilizing these platforms to build relations and get business deals fixed, is the key purpose. Effectively using this interactive platform is known as a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Why Do You Need A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Without a proper strategy, you cannot succeed with LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. You need to develop a strategy and then go step by step to fulfil all the goals. Don’t worry if you don’t have a marketing strategy for LinkedIn or you don’t know how to make one, we are here with the best LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Step By Step Guide To LinkedIn Marketing

Following are steps to follow to properly do LinkedIn marketing. Sometimes it seems hard to market your business on LinkedIn. But we broke the complex process into small steps. Following these small steps, you can achieve your goals.

Step #1: Make A Lead Generating Page

The first step is to make a lead generating page. No, it is not a different page that LinkedIn provides. But it is a structured LinkedIn company page and you may have a LinkedIn company page, right? You have to modify a few things on this page to make it look like a lead generating page. Following are some of the tasks that you need to perform.

Use Brand Artwork Properly

Using brand artwork properly is important. Use your logo and wall cover properly on LinkedIn.

Name Your Page Properly

Naming your page in the wrong way will kill credibility and authority. So name your business page properly on LinkedIn.

Write Compelling Description

Your description should not be like a section of your website but you need to write a compelling and appealing description. Because we are using this company page for lead generation.

Step #2: A Showcase Page

Now you have to create a showcase page. These pages can be used to create a page for child companies or sister concern companies. Also, you can make showcase pages for your previously ended projects, events, etc.

Step #3: Complete Your Profile

The next step is to complete your profile. Provide your email address. Website URL, contact details, physical location and almost everything. Completing your profile will help your page visitors to get complete information about you.

Step #4: Use Groups & Build Relations

Now you need to create groups on LinkedIn and try to add your new connections to this group. Name your groups and consistently be active in these groups. Also, you can join other groups and build relationships.

Step #5: Publish Content

Now the next step that you need to take is to publish useful content on the LinkedIn company page. You can publish visual content or written text content. It all depends upon you how you create content. Try to get more attention and provide some values in your content.

Step #6: Search For Prospects

The second last step is to search for prospects. As we have mentioned there are millions of users of LinkedIn from all around the world. But all of them are not prospects for you. You have to use advanced search features on LinkedIn to find prospects.

Step #7: Sales Pitch

The last step is to prepare your sales pitch and contact the prospects. There can be so many different ways for the sales pitch. You have to provide all the information about your services along with it you need to show some value for the clients or prospects to attract them.


Finding leads through LinkedIn is one of the most common and easiest methods you all the professionals use out there. It is not easy to find clients on LinkedIn for your business. But one can make it more simple with the help of some tools and a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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