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Travel and Leisure

Manali’s top 13 hotels

Manali – one of the most frequently visited northern tourist destinations in India – has magnetic terrain and an unpolluted climate. Deprived of the city life’s crazy rush and greenhouse impact, the neighborhood is lovely and a great festival for visitors. It looks hilarious snow-covered mountains, undulated terrain, and villages surrounded by extended mountains.

Most Indians spend quality time in this hill town because of the exquisiteness and popularity of the region. However, the popular question – ‘where to be in Manali’ – is always a challenge as you prepare your most anticipated trip to the divine nation. We have prepared a list of budget & luxury hotels & resorts in Manali to let you know the convenience of accommodation in Manali. This sophisticated list will help you experience some of nature’s unparalleled paradise’s most unforgettable moments. Large living rooms with a peaceful natural atmosphere, best facilities, and luxury make your stay exceptional.

1) Solang Valley Resort

Hotel Solang Valley Resort has another heavenly name overlooking the serpentine Beas River and the red apple and the green pine wood. The hotel has 50 especially facilitated accommodation rooms, located just 8 kilometers away from the Inter-State Bus Terminus.

2) Span Resort

Hotel Span Resort and Spa is a wonderful forest-enclosed lodging destination located less than 14 km from Manali City and 510 km from Delhi. The hotel’s spectacular scenery is the vintage cottages, riverside, and sky-scraping hills.

3) Hotel Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn Hotel is situated by a mountainside and surrounded by greenery, more like a hermit’s cottage. The roofs and the lodges are impressively built with style and comfort. This residence is definitely different from a skyscraper on the side of the city and creates beauty and profound serenity at 5km from the Manalis Town Centre.

4) Hotel Manu Allaya

The Manu Allaya Hotel is an ideal resort for newly-married couples, surrounded by pristine snow, adjacent mountain range, and beautifully built residence.

5) Apple Country Resort

The eye-catching view of Hotel Apple Country relaxes your extenuating nerves, more like the drawn canvas of green and white. It is only 1.5 kilometers away from the city center of Manali. The abundance of snow, coniferous trees, and fresh air from the mountains provide a divine feeling. Relax in the lively spa, walk across the foothills and admire the beautiful and picturesque valley.

6) Quality Inn River Country Resort

Quality Inn River Country Resort is a classic resort for your gifts, at the foot of the great Himalayan strip. The hotel offers you an unforgettable experience. Located on the busy main road, in the cedar and pine forest, this luxury destination overlooks the popular Beas. Exotic interior and breathtaking views on the river alleviate worldly lifestyle tension. 

7) Hotel River Crescent

The name of the River Crescent Hotel itself indicates its exclusive secrecy. Youth who are enthusiastic will enter a variety of energetic sports, such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and river rafting.

8) Hotel Banon Tree

You stay at least once in Hotel Banon Tree Resort for an exotic getaway experience. The resort is just 500 m away from Manali city and 50 km away from Kullu Bhuntar airport, the best holiday village in Manali can be.

9) Hotel Manali Inn

The Hotel Manali Inn can be your most ultimate destination for divine pleasure and comfortable stays during your desired excursion. You can be satisfied with the panoramic view of the orchard, the river Beas and the magnetic Himalayas.

10) Manali Resort

Hotel Manali Resort is a fortress of tranquility and serenity overlooking the undulated grounds of the vast Himalayan spectrum and musical gushes of the Beas River. This hotel appears to be the residence of the bourgeoisie, just 5 km away from the Manali Bus Stand. As one of Manali’s extensive luxury hotels, it offers:

11) Himalayan Resort & Spa

The Hotel Himalayan Resort & Spa built its castle as a resort in the Victory Gothic Age at a height of 2003 m above sea level to enable you to experience the magic of living in the Victorian Age. This rare lodge, strategically positioned among the cherry orchards, welcomes you with its antique and fine finest. Located on the Hadimbah road from Manali and without any air of artificiality, this magnificent residence blends opulence, elegance, and sophistication.

12) Sandhya Resort

Hotel Sandhya Resort is an exotic getaway town, completely disconnected from the chaotic humdrum of city life. Sandhya Resort & Spa in Manali, part of the Sandhya Hotel Group, will welcome you when you’re in. This resort, one of Manali’s quietest hotels, offers deluxe accommodation in a luxurious selection to make you feel the authentic Himalayas on holiday.

13) Hotel Orchard Green

Whether in terms of advanced architectural elegance or specialist-friendly facilities, the only adjective you can use is excellent. The sophisticated interior design of the guestrooms and the magnificent environment helped make it one of the most famous hotels for couples with the honeymoon. 

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