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Make Your Ideal Bucket List In Just 10 Easy Steps!

Well, ‘bucket list’ being the most popular and hot subject these days, must be heard by you earlier. This list isn’t a normal list of items on a piece of paper; it’s a list of your dreams. It’s a reflection of who you are, what you want in life and how desperate you are to get what you want!

So basically, every item listed on this list is all that you want in life. Well, there are varied kinds of bucket lists that one could think of. For example:

  1. Travel Bucket List
  2. Career Bucket List
  3. Creativity Bucket List
  4. Financial Bucket List
  5. Adventure Bucket List
  6. Education Bucket List
  7. Relationship Bucket List

That’s like every facet of your life right? So now you’ve got 2 options – either you make a combined bucket list and include all your favourite items from each category or you make separate multiple bucket lists for all the categories. The choice is all yours but in the end what matters is that you must be cover everything you wish to have in your life in this special list.

Okay cool, so now that your mind has absorbed a rough idea of what exactly a bucket list is and what are the varied types of bucket lists; the only thing that’s remaining is a ‘perfect guide’. So, I’ll be listing out 10 easy steps/ guidelines/suggestions that could help you to make a perfect bucket list that you ever wished for. It’ll eradicate your confusion, give you a clearer understanding, save your time and ofcourse reduce your efforts. So, all you need to do is put your eyes and down and make sure you follow the points below!

Let’s start !

  1. Don’t Restrict Yourself By The Number

Haven’t you heard dreams have no limit? Well, so why should your bucket list which has all you dreams have a limit? There’s no ideal number for the items that could be listed on your bucket list. Just make this thing clear in your mind. It could be 3 or 30; no one is going to judge you on that. Neither should you judge or limit yourself by the money, difficulty level, time limit, etc. for your  list. Just go on noting until you feel satisfied. The list should make you feel special; it’s a part of self-love and what you really like!

bucket list

  1. Think and Keep Thinking

Don’t be in hurry or set a deadline so list down items on your bucket list. It’s a slow and constant process. You must enjoy every bit of it. An incident in your life, a book, movie or even a person might trigger something in you; something to dream of. So, as things come by to you, as life passes, you will witness so many new things that you would wish to add in your  list. So, keep thinking and exploring. Make it flexible and easy.

  1. Make Drafts

You are not writing an exam wherein you need to get everything right in the first attempt itself. You are writing a bucket list. So, it doesn’t have to come perfectly right in the first attempt itself. There might be some confusion, corrections, doubts, etc. So, you need to figure out what you need eventually. No one’s expecting it in the first time itself. So, make drafts of the  list until you find the perfect one!

  1. Don’t Think Whether It’s Possible Or Not

How much expensive it is? How much difficult or easy it is? How much realistic it is? What will others think if I do this? Now these are the kinds of questions you must never ask yourself while making your bucket list. In fact, the challenges that occur in completing each task in your bucket list is what makes it exciting and thrilling! Who even wants a predictable or normal bucket list? So, don’t think whether performing the task on your  list is possible or not. Just note it down! That’s the first step !

  1. Dig Into Examples

So, if you are newbie or have never heard of what exactly needs to come into a bucket list, browse for examples of other people’s bucket lists on the internet. You’ll be flooded with tons of ideas and examples. So, dig into them, get inspired by them, grab some ideas and then start making your own lost.

  1. Ask Yourself Loudly

Just to make things clear in your mind and to know what exactly you want in your  list, ask yourself a few questions loudly. Let them get into your brain and answer them by thinking deeply, from your heart. For example:

  1. What is the one activity that I always wanted to do in life?
  2. Where do I wish to go since a long time?
  3. Which is that one special dish I always wanted to try?
  4. What are events that I wish to attend since years?
  5. What is the one exciting sport I always wanted to try?

 bucket list

  1. Keep Adding & Checking

There are somedays when you would feel that a particular task in your bucket list is not really exciting or that’s not what you really wish to do. And there might be days where you would feel like there’s so much more that you wish to do in life and add to your bucket list. So, just keeping adding these items or rectify the ones already added. Also, keep looking at the list regularly and make yourself that you have accomplish these tasks soon! Just make sure that you don’t forget this special list of yours amidst your busy daily lives or stress. (Learn how to handle stress and depression!)

  1. Set A Time Limit

The thing is you don’t wish to keep procrastinating and depending on your luck to get what you want. It’s your life, your dreams and your bucket list; no one’s is going to spoon feed you anything. So start setting some rough timelines for these tasks on your bucket list. Because may be these timelines might trigger more energy in you to complete the tasks and do what you always wanted to do in life. But just be careful while setting timeline. Be realistic; don’t be too harsh. You are supposed to enjoy completing your bucket list and not think of it is a race or something.

  1. Note It Down ASAP

So the ideas for your bucket list might not come all at once. They might take time to hit to your mind. So, whenever a new idea hits your mind, just note it down immediately. Be enthusiastic about adding it to your list of dreams. Do not procrastinate here. You never know what happens next; you might forget what idea you thought of or you may overthink about the idea and create insignificant negative scenarios regarding it and change your mind. So, note the idea ASAP!

  1. Pick One And Take Action!

As I said earlier, no one is going to spoon feed you what you want in life or what’s written in your bucket list. It’s only you who can fulfil the tasks on your list. And if you already know that you wish to complete these tasks eagerly and as soon as possible then what are you waiting for? The most auspicious time? No right! So, be active and pick one task from your  list and start taking actions to execute it. The most courageous and significant step is to ‘start’. So just start with the actions and see where it goes.


Pro Tip: Do not get influenced by the people around you or their dreams and fantasies. It must never be that “He wants to do this so I’ll do it too” or “I must do this because everyone finds it cool”. No, mate, it’s not their bucket list, it’s yours. You have to find your passion, your dreams and something that triggers immense happiness in you. Don’t get influenced by others; don’t copy them; make the bucket list your own. Be original. Cool?


Well, that’s it from my side mate! I really anticipate that this guide would help you to fabricate the most special bucket list of your life. Just keep all the tips in your mind, implement them, make a list, pick one task and execute it ASAP. Time waits for no one and you certainly can’t depend on time to complete your aspirations. You are a fireball and you have immense burning desire to get what you want fast, just remember that.

All the best for making the bucket list and of course for life as well! You know you rock!


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