Major Difference Between Ready to Wear or Tailor Made Suit

Are you confronted with the option of whether to buy a ready-to-wear or choose a tailor-made suit option? Well, always remember these two choices have a huge difference. And both types of suits play different roles.

You must know ready-to-wear has its own characteristics and tailor made has it’s own. The one you choose depends on the specific outfit you wear on occasion, the amount you are willing to spend, and the time you have to get your outfit.

Well, here we are going to discuss both the suits and the major differences between them. We have created a guide to help you find the best one.

An Overview Of Ready-To-Wear And Tailor-Made Suit.

Ready To Wear Suit

Ready-to-wear suits are masses produced and based on a standard measurement. Some sizes in ready-made suits like; XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc. Also, this type of suit is available in various colours and the latest styles. There is some suit style that never goes out of fashion. But here, the biggest problem is you can’t get fabric and style as per your choice.

Usually, manufacturers use polyester blends and similar materials for making a suit. And approx 60% of suits in the market you will see belong to this category only.

No doubt, ready-made suits are affordable because you don’t have many choices for customization. However, if you have standard measurements, you can easily fit in the suit, but if your body measurements vary, this would not be a fair choice.

So, if you have less budget and are okay with a standard size, then this kind of suit is perfect. The topmost benefit of ready-to-wear suits is that you can buy them easily anytime and anywhere. Moreover, there is no need to book a tailor for getting an outfit and you can buy it on the same day as an event.

Tailor-Made Suit

The ready-made suits are also known as the bespoke suit, which is the ultimate formal menswear. In this type of suit, men can get access to high-quality fabric, the best stitching, quality buttons, and many more customized things.

The tailor-made suits are handmade outfits designed by expert tailors. It requires a few appointments in which clients can elaborate their requirements; a tailor can take measurements and check the fitting.

Undoubtedly, ready-made suits are quite expensive than other suits because they are unique. Also, to make an outfit tailor needs to put in a lot of effort, mind, and techniques. Furthermore, if these suits are made with high-quality fabric, they can last long.

When clients choose tailor-made outfits they get customized and individual service. Also, they get numerous fittings to guarantee a perfect fit. Isn’t it great to get control over your outfit from start to the end? You can select fabric, small accessories, and other small details.

5 Differences Between Ready To Wear And Tailor Made Suits

1. Fittings

Tailored-made suits adjust as per your personal measurements and offer comfort to the individual. In this type of suit, you don’t experience any looseness or tightness, which makes you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, ready-made suits are available in standard sizes and measurements. Everyone has different body measurements, so one can’t fit all sizes.

Here, ready-made suits win the game, as they provide customization with comfort in wearing.

2. Unique Style

When you decide to wear a suit on a special occasion, then you must get a chance to make it look unique. Is it possible? Yes, it is!

Well, a bespoke tailor provides you with a chance to opt for any style you want. Further, if someone is good at designing, then they can make their own style statement. You just need to share the unique style with the tailor.

On the other hand, if we talk about ready-made suits, there you may experience limitations. An individual can only wear a suit that is already designed. Further, you won’t get more styles or choices.

So, if you can compromise with style, then go for a ready-made suit, but if you need to look unique, then nothing is better than a tailor-made suit.

3. Fabric

One more important element to consider is the fabric of the suit. The fabric has the ability to enhance as well as dull the personality of a person.

Tailor-made outfits offer you a golden chance of picking your favourite fabric. Here you don’t need to compromise with the type of fabric for the suit. Moreover, you can pick your favourite colour, pattern, and high-quality cloth material. You will get numerous choices when opting for a ready-made suit.

If you go for a ready-to-wear suit, you can’t choose the fabric of your choice. Here you might get various trends or styles but not as per your specific needs.

So, go for bespoke tailoring if you want a suit with high-quality fabric.

4. Price

Price is, was, and will be a significant concern for buyers.

You may find tailor-made suits a little expensive but worth investing money in. Moreover, it offers you a chance to choose fabric as per your choice.

The ready-made suits are easily available at low prices, but you will not have many choices there. So, it’s better to pick one which makes you feel worth investing money.

5. Durability of the Fabric

If you are considering a suit for the long run, then the quality of cloth matters the most.

You can’t get the quality of fabric that you want with a ready-made suit. That is why these suits are low price and easily available. So, these suits are not as good as we want in terms of fabric durability.

If we talk about bespoke suits, here you get a chance to select the fabric. It means that if you choose a high-quality fabric, then you will get a long-lasting suit.


Now, you have read about the difference between two types of suits. We hope this guide will help you to choose a perfect suit for the special occasion. So, in the end, we would recommend sticking on an outfit that offers style, comfort, and durability. Check out all the specifications of a suit for an informed decision.

Thank you for reading!

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