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Main Facts to Consider While Choosing Jewelry Rosewood Beads

Beads jewelry is one of the most attractive ones. You have the liberty to design it as you desire and at a pocket-friendly price. Combine colourful beads with one another to form aesthetically pleasing jewelry that can be worn with anything. Wooden beads, like rosewood beads, look very beautiful with graywood beads. For Gemstone beads, Aventurine beads and Rhodonite beads complement each other amazingly. Jewelry making is an art and there are many intricacies related to it. These include, choosing the right beads, whether gemstone or wood, choosing the right strings, whether nylon or thread, learning the right knots, etc. To start with, you need to know your beads the best and have appropriate knowledge it takes to be a beader. Let’s talk about some considerations for choosing jewelry beads.

Formation of Beads

The quality of a bead is determined by its cut and shape. In the case of wooden beads, the shape is mostly defined because it can easily be carved into beads. In the case of gemstone beads, the clarity of the beads makes a lot of difference. The cut is also defined although some beads don’t have much defined shape because of their natural origin. More than required processing can damage the stone and it can be traced through unnatural cuts & cracks in the beads. So, it is important to consider the look of the beads before choosing.

Research Beforehand

Another imperative aspect is to research about the properties and distinct characteristics & meanings of each type of bead before choosing them to work with. Each gemstone has its own history and supernatural properties attached to it. In the case of wooden beads, the properties of the parent wood is what makes the difference. For example, rosewood beads are made from wood originating in the Philippines, are hard, strong and are of pink undertones. Palmwood beads, on the other hand, are made from coconut or date palm trees and have a different wood grain. So, make sure to research properly about the types of beads you want.

Beads Seller

Make sure to buy your beads from a trusted seller. The seller should also have considerable knowledge about the beads and their specifications. Also, do not forget to check the price trends of gemstones before going to buy so as to avoid being charged extra. The information about prices of gemstones like quartz, chalcedony, amazonite, etc. are available to the public at all times. Dream of Stones is one such seller of gemstone and wooden beads. They have a great variety of beads in various sizes and colors to choose from. Also, they’re quite trusted and reliable when it comes to jewelry beads.

Jewelry Design

The design of the jewelry you have in mind will greatly affect your choice of beads. You might want to make a bracelet, a ring or a necklace. You may want to use all the beads of the same size or varied sizes. Every jewelry maker has their own thinking, imagination and creativity. So, you need to find the beads that suit your imagination the best. These may differ in color and in cutting. Some may like pale colored rosewood beads and others may prefer vibrant Jasper stones.

Know Your Sizes

Another point of consideration is the sizes you use for making jewelry. Rather, it is also interesting to know how different sized beads can affect the overall appearance and grace of the neck piece. In pendants and earrings, elongated crystals look extremely beautiful, but in bracelets, round gemstone beads are preferred. Also, these round beads are available in sizes like 8mm, 6mm, 4mm, etc. according to their diameters. So, it is always good to choose a particular size.

Preferences And Beliefs

There are many myths and beliefs attached to the jewelry beads. These are not only used for wearing but also, for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. These beliefs are still manifested in today’s practical age and it is always better to be mindful of such beliefs. Gemstones as well as wooden beads are considered auspicious in many cultures. Knowing such meanings can help you to heed your customers’ needs and reflect your sensitivity and thoroughness.


In the case of gemstone beads, like Rhodonite, Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, etc., the certification of authenticity is preferred. Or rather, getting it verified for its genuinity. Wooden beads like ebony, whitewood and rosewood beads, on the other hand, do not have such certification but can always be cross checked with the experts or knowledgeable about their trueness. This will only help you to keep sure about the beads you’re choosing.

Jewelry making is surely an art, and so is choosing appropriate beads. It is always safe to double check these facts so you are able to make beautiful and valuable jewelry. When you have appropriate material, it makes the process of beading even more fun and also satisfies your customers.

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