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Lotus Tattoo Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

Lotus tattoo is not an easy drawing for excellence, but a classical sign. Lotus flower drawing is the flower of maturity, it determines life and death, rebirth and aiming for truth, pureness and immortality, spiritual growth and development, purity and fruitfulness, holiness and glory, peace and tranquility, struggle and happiness.

An important point when choosing a tattoo is to come up with where it should be to get it as natural and beautiful as possible. People have different perceptions. Some believe that the drawing should be seen by others, others prefer the intimacy of such pictures on the skin.

lotus tattoo

Where would a lotus tattoo look best on a woman’s body?

  • The flower will look good on girls’ backs – between the shoulder blades, exactly in the center, or on one of the shoulder blades. In this case, an already blossoming flower depicted;
  • A flower on the neck will awaken creative aspirations in a woman;
  • When applying a lotus tattoo on the lower back, they usually use a composition of several opened flowers, buds, complementing them with an ethnic style ornament;
  • A lotus tattoo on the ankle, ankle, in the lower leg area, looks very feminine;
  • Femininity and fertility are symbolized by a flower blooming near the navel;
  • The lotus tattoo on the wrist looks great. For example, the famous actress Jessica Alba chose this option;
  • In informal girls, you can often see a lotus under the chest. Also, this option of location is liked by ladies who are fond of oriental themes, Buddhism, India, etc.;
  • Another movie star Charlize Theron got a lotus tattoo on her leg. Considering that the girl has slender and beautiful legs, the result looks great;
  • The lotus on the chest looks very impressive. But here it is necessary that the master working with you be “straight-handed” enough so that it turns out beautifully, neatly, and does not go off;
  • Another feminine option is a lotus tattoo on the thigh. Even if you have thin legs, there is enough room on them to create a real painting. You can place the lotus on the thigh in the singular, or make a string of flowers and buds;
  • A beautiful flower on the side looks great.

Guys use flowers less often than girls. Usually, their tattoo is associated with spiritual aspirations.

In men, a lotus flower tattoo can be located in different areas:

  • The lotus tattoo on the arm looks good. It can be supplemented with decorative elements, a dream catcher, and other items. But the jumble of details will be superfluous. The more concise the drawing, the better;
  • The second option is on the neck, more precisely at the base;
  • The shoulder blade and shoulders are also suitable areas;
  • We recommend not to forget about such an area as the lower back.

For most people, this tattoo is primarily female. Although its original meaning is not related to the gender of the owner. Some teachings say that by applying a pattern to the skin, you change the program you are carrying. That is, a small lotus tattoo will direct your consciousness on the path of spiritual formation and development.

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