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List Of Precautions To Take For A Wedding With 200 Guest

Wedding in this pandemic is not the same as it used to be before. This covid19 has changed everything drastically. Hopefully, marriages are still safe from the online mode, but they have their new rules and restrictions. Gone are the days when the wedding time used to be a fun time enjoying with all the family members under one roof. With the spread of coronavirus in a very contagious way, we all are afraid of our health and our guest’s health. The wedding industry is facing a major setback with this pandemic but this is becoming new normal now. Indian weddings are all about food, guests, and decoration but these new guidelines are hitting them all. In this article, we will be discussing a list of precautions to take for a wedding with 200 guests.

Coronavirus is creating some new rules and regulations which are mandatory to follow. With the second wave of coronavirus in India, the limitation on the number of guests has been reduced to 200 and soon it will get reduced to 100. Arranging a marriage of 200 guests is not normal and definitely not in India. Indian weddings are a series of festivals running over a week. People enjoy weddings without taking any other tension.

But this is not the same now. Now, the number of guests has been reduced to 200 and in the context of this, we have to take some precautions. The wedding will only include family members, all with masks on and not coming in contact with each other. Since you might be the first in your family to conduct a wedding of 200 guests, so you might not be having any idea about it. Don’t worry, we have a list of precautions that you should take for a wedding with 200 guests. With the budget getting reduced, but the responsibility has been increased. Let’s start with some precautions.

Precautions to take for a wedding with 200 guests

In this section, we will be discussing some precautions to take for a wedding with 200 guests. These precautions are tried and tested thus you can trust them fully.

1. Safety

Amidst the covid19 crisis, our first priority should be our safety. With the increase in the number of covid19 cases, we all want us to be safe and healthy. As being the host of the wedding, it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe from this coronavirus. It is your responsibility to create such an environment in which everyone can feel safe and they can enjoy themselves well. You can take various preventive and safety measures to create such an environment.

The first and the foremost rule which every member of the wedding has to follow is wearing a mask. It is a very important step that can make the layer 1 shield. Also, nowadays, wearing a mask is becoming fashionable. Almost everyone is following this trend including the groom and the bride. Masks are also coming in different styles and patterns to match your outfit. Therefore, make sure everyone is wearing a mask and following other guidelines.

2. Do shopping carefully

Well, a major part of the wedding is shopping which can never be ignored at any cost. In this situation, if you are not careful enough, then you can risk your life as well as other’s lives too. So, to make a layer 2 shield, make sure you and every vendor are wearing gloves and masks. This is significantly important as you cannot risk anyone’s life in any case. Also, give this responsibility of shopping only in one hand who is responsible and careful enough.

3. Social Distancing

Yes, social distancing is the other shield to prevent us from coronavirus. This is the ultimate step you should take to create a hospitable environment for every guest. It should be your responsibility to make sure that every member of the function is following the social distancing rule. You can make the sitting arrangements in such a way that everyone must be apart from a few feet from the other human being. Caterers should wear gloves while distributing or making food. Keep the bottle of sanitizer just before and after taking food. Social distancing is very much important to prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

4.  Digital thermal scanner

This is also becoming an important rule for weddings. Make sure every guest is performing this test. This digital thermal scanner will scan the temperature of the body and will immediately alert if anyone’s temperature comes higher than normal. Give this scanner to the security guard at the gate and hire one person who will sanitize the hands of each and every person entering the premises. You can search for any other alternative to provide a three-layer shield to your guests.

5. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are very important in any place where a social gathering is taking place. Hand sanitizer can help us to stop the spread of coronavirus which will keep everyone safe. Plus, if affordable, give everyone a small packet of hand sanitizer which they can use anytime. Also, being the host of the wedding, it should be completely your responsibility to make sure there is enough hand sanitizer on the premises. Or, you can make a rule that everyone should carry their own hand sanitizer with them.

Now, next will cover some precautions to follow during the running hour.

6.  Precautions to do ahead of the wedding day.

Calculate the number of guests with utmost precision. Tell your caterer about the number of guests who are appearing and the quantity of food which should be there. Also, avoid inviting old age people because of their safety and health issues. Plus, in the wedding of 200 guests, make sure you are booking an open lawn or hall as it will decrease the spread of coronavirus and will keep everyone safe.

7.    Precautions to follow while getting ready.

Well, it is impossible for the stylist to dress up your hair from a distance of 6 feet. So, how to tackle this situation. Well, to handle this, set new guidelines for stylists and make sure they are following them. Sanitize their hands, their equipment, and clothes carefully. Also, tell them to wear masks and hand gloves for more safety.

8.    During the happy hour

During the wedding time, the rush touches its zenith point and that is the time where we have to take responsibility. First of all, everyone will crave and wish to see the bride as she will be looking beautiful in her favorite Lehenga from Banu designs. So, during this point of the wedding guide everyone to follow the social distancing rule. This rule is very important and will become the lifeline of the wedding if performed perfectly.

9.    Be careful during transportation

Most of the time you have to travel from your wedding location to your home and in bulk. How to perform this important step with safety? We have a solution, sanitization is the key. It is customary to provide transportation for guests going to and from for their convenience. So, the first step should be sanitization and the second step should be social distancing. These two steps will help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sanitize the bus or car before loading guests and make sure they are following social distancing rules by leaving one seat every time they sit aside from another person.  Sanitization is very important and also make sure they all are wearing masks.

10. After Wedding hour

After the wedding has been successfully completed, you should sanitize the premises at your own cost to make it safe for another wedding. It is very important to stop the spread of coronavirus.

These steps are becoming new normal for every wedding which is taking place nowadays. If you aren’t following these precautions, then you are risking your life and your family members’ life.

You must follow these precautions for a happy marriage. All the best for the new beginning.

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