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Computers and Technology

Linux Vs Windows Dedicated Hosting: Which Should You Buy for WordPress?

A website requires a hosting platform to make live to their potential audience over the internet. Choosing a hosting plan requires many other features to take into consideration like the server and its operating system (OS). There are typically two types of operating systems namely Linux and Windows. They have some differences which ideally makes confusing to choose the right one among them for your specific word press website.

Websites are highly affected by the choice of hosting. Choosing the right type of hosting with the right type of operating system whether it is Linux or Windows you should keep in mind that it fulfills all your website needs and requirements.

You should select a plan which will provide you a way to succeed in the online environment.

In this blog, we will know about an operating system and its types. We will clear the confusion of selecting Linux or Windows hosting for WordPress sites.

What is an Operating System?

Operating System manages computer software resources and helps in providing services to computer programs. OS is a type of software that performs functions like file management, handling input, and outputs, memory management, etc.

A glance at Linux and Windows Operating System 

When we talk about a server operating system it is no more different from a personal computer system. An operating system is generally not considered by site owners if they are setting a simple website. However, site owners should definitely look after the choice of the selection of operating system as it affects the site on a certain level.

Linux is one of the most popular types of server for a WordPress site. People choose Linux because of its flexibility and high reputation in the web hosting environment. As it comes with easy-to-use cPanel it is more preferred over Windows Server.

Features of Linux 

Linux is an open-source platform that means anyone can read, run, modify or redistribute its source code. It’s a free platform where you need not pay any licensing fees. It offers features like:-


Linux is a reliable platform as this does not rely on an in-house technical team just in case of windows for any type of glitches anyone can identify the problem and can fix it.


Linux is famous for its flexibility it can adapt to any environment


It is one of the most secure and reliable platforms in the hosting environment

Pocket Friendly

Linux is best for websites that have a low budget or want to set up a small website also you do not need any additional amount to purchase the license.

Features of Windows

We all have windows operating systems on our personal computers. Windows is quite popular. They also have a product server called Windows Server. It offers features like:-

Easy Usage 

Windows do not require any coding language anyone having some experience can set up and configure windows server easily.


You can easily develop website applications with .NET Framework by using windows.

Compatibility of Linux and Windows Hosting

The choice of the operating system highly depends on your website’s needs and requirements. Some web applications are highly compatible with Linux and others are with Windows servers. It all depends upon the software that you want to install.

You can go for exchange sites with windows hosting and for WordPress you can go with Linux by installing cPanel.

Before choosing any particular operating system you should consider your website needs and other important factors such as flexibility, easy setup, cost, security, etc. the choice highly depends on these factors. If all these factors satisfy your needs and fit into your budget then you should buy that server or hosting only who can help you achieve your goals.

Comparison between Linux and Windows Hosting

Both Linux and Windows are different operating systems having different features and benefits.

User Experience 

Linux is based on a command-line process that involves functions and syntax to perform some task. Linux is somewhat difficult to learn because of its coding languages. On the other hand, if we talk about Windows it is simpler to use and easy to configure than Linux.  Although cPanel makes Linux easier to use.


Cybercrimes are at their peak today hence staying safe by using safety and security measures is very much important. Both Linux and Windows operating systems can be a part of cyber-attacks but Linux is generally considered more stable and secure than windows. This is because windows have to perform multiple tasks as compared to Linux. If you are looking for a highly secure operating system Linux is best for you.


Windows servers are mostly used by companies who have large IT infrastructure because their applications are more compatible with Microsoft applications. Linux is not that great choice for such organizations they are mostly preferred by small businesses and website owners.


In terms of speed, Linux is better than windows this is because Linux is lightweight and easy to use on command lines.


Linux is a free and open-source platform whereas a window is a Microsoft product that comes with licensing fees. The price can differ from one hosting company to another but Linux comes a way cheaper or economical than windows hosting.

 So we can say that Linux is a cost-effective option than Windows also Linux is easier to maintain.

Which Option to choose for WordPress site Linux vs. Windows Hosting? 

WordPress sites work on PHP which is easier to configure in Linux than configuring it in Windows server. As Linux has a faster speed than windows a windows server can slow down your website speed which is not good in terms of SEO.

If you are a new site developer and you want to set up a small site by creating it on WordPress and you are looking for a cost-effective solution Linux can be the right choice for you. You can use a cPanel to manage all your website tasks and look after your website performance. Check this also Low cost gsuite services

Linux is an open-source platform and hence it is considered more secure and reliable than windows. Linux works on a command line that can be used for application development. In case you are using applications that have .NET Framework or Microsoft SQL Server you should go for windows hosting.


In conclusion, the choice of selecting a web hosting highly depends upon your business and website needs and requirements. Some applications are more compatible with Linux and others are more with Windows so choose the right one after consulting the hosting provider or a person who knows all the technical know-how of the web hosting environment.

In short, a WordPress site will be more compatible with Linux and if you are working on a framework like .NET then Windows will be the right option for you.

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