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Learn why are animated explainer videos important for email marketing

More and more companies are using email marketing over every other marketing strategy. This is because these animated explainer videos bring in more traffic and are extremely helpful in reaching your target audience. Not just that, these videos also boost your web presence within a very short amount of time, thus giving you the desired results out of your otherwise flat marketing efforts. By using video, you can get positive results for your business. Let’s learn how video marketing can help you achieve business objectives.

Emails with animated explainer videos impact your audience strongly

You will be surprised to know that more than ⅓ activity of people who use the internet comes from watching online videos. Since videos are fun, they’re easier to consume than most of the other promotional strategies out there.  Emails with videos ingrained in them have a higher chance of being watched and rewatched by your target audience.

The open rates of emails with videos in them are 19% in comparison with the ones that have no videos. Keeping this figure in mind, it is always beneficial to keep a video in your marketing strategy. An explainer video production company knows how to make videos that are funny, easily comprehensible and interesting.

They’re the best if you want to show your product’s teaser

Using animated explainer videos for email marketing in 2019 is supremely advantageous because it can push your business forward. Explainer videos do the job of helping customers get know-how of your product features in brief which can further amp up the business sales. Customers agree that if they receive explainer videos for products in their emails, it helps them understand the product/service better. Videos embedded in emails helps customers get valuable insight into the company which they would have otherwise missed out on.

They’re great for spreading the word

You can use videos very effectively if you’re looking to announce a new product or offer. Owing to the fact that there’s an increased consumption of animated explainer videos than textual content, adding a small video in your email can be very profitable in the long run. So, if you’re looking to explain a concept to your target audience, video email marketing is the best. Not only will this display your message clearly, but it will also enhance customer engagement towards the brand.


Video animation companies help you create videos that have a little bit of a personalization factor in them. This helps in increasing engagement of the customers with the products. When you make the extra effort to go personal with your customers, the higher the chances of communicating powerfully with your customers. An explainer video can do justice to your whole marketing campaign. The reason for this is that everyone opens emails on their phones and your animated explainer video will be right in front of them.


Email marketing requires no initial cost. An animated explainer video company will take the charges for animated video for business but that’s it

After that, there are very little costs involved in email marketing. You have the option of investing in email marketing automation services that make effective email marketing less time-consuming. If you compare this with buying advertising space or paying for mail and print marketing, you will realise how cost-effective it is. Apart from these animated videos for business embedded in emails provide a very high ROI.

Different kind of options

These days there are so many options when it comes to 2D and 3D animated explainer videos that it’s become the best form of marketing. These videos not only engage your target audience but also help push your marketing campaign. Be it a 3D or 2D campaign, it helps to enhance business sales and gives better conversion rates. This is why so many companies worldwide are hell-bent on leveraging this superpower.

You get to leverage your site’s SEO

It’s not that easy for a website to come to Google’s first page, however, that doesn’t mean you font try at all. With email marketing, you can redirect people to your website and ultimately to your blog posts. If your SEO is not up to the mark then you will be missing out on your target audience and the sales that come through them. With the help of good SEO, you can make your brand popular. Google always gives more preference to videos and by adding one you can make your site rank higher. You can upload your videos on YouTube and then embed it because that’s the largest site to search for any kind of video content.

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To conclude

All in all, email marketing is perfect for the business that doesn’t have the bandwidth to spend thousands of dollars on ad spend. It’s the perfect digital marketing tactic when combined with animated explainer videos. To get the most out of your money, email marketing tactics like triggered campaigns and segmentation work wonders with your corporate explainer videos. This allows you to grow your business without throwing all your revenue back into digital marketing. All this together makes email marketing with animated explainer videos, the best decision.

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