Launching A Super Gojek Clone App: Super Apps Innovation In On-Demand Industry

Gojek App is a leading On-Demand Multi-service app that delivers everything from food, groceries, babysitters, package services, sanitization car washing, and more. In simple words,  Gojek App is a single platform that serves multiple services by connecting the users with the service provider to accomplish the tasks. Gojek Clone App has a good potential for those who are looking for the opportunity to establish themselves in On-Demand Market.

Why Super Apps like Gojek Are Catching All Attention?

The concept of Super App has been not new. Super Apps like Gojek has set the bar high by offering a multitude of On-Demand services under a single application.

Gojek is a Super App of Southeast Asia that has a strong growing user base. With a great many features, the app enables the customers to shop, order, and get delivery at the doorstep.

The app comes equipped with several digital payment options by partnering it with the local banks, and other different payment gateways. This way it provides your users the flexibility to pay with ease. Over the years, the app like Gojek has been equipped with different types of On-Demand Services depending on the demographics, target audience and the location it has been launched.

What Is Gojek Clone App Development?

In this digital era, every other entrepreneur is looking to launch an On-Demand App offering multiple services. This dream can be turned into reality by launching Gojek Clone App.

Gojek Clone App offers 70+ On-Demand Services. That are categorize in various services like Taxi Ride Service, Bike Ride Service, Food Delivery Service, Grocery Delivery Service, Baby Sitting, Beautician, Fitness trainers, Car-washing services, etc.

People prefer using multiple services Most people prefer multiple services on a single platform despite having different applications. Gojek is the foremost choice for most people living in and around the world.

Gojek Clone App is a holistic solution for your users that enables them to book Taxi services, Delivery services, and some other On-Demand Services offered in the Multi-Services app. The groundbreaking new Gojek Clone features and customized functionalities add compliment to the Gojek Clone App that satisfies all the needs of users.

The app development’s skilled team possesses the experience and expertise when it comes to building an exclusive Gojek Clone App. Their innovative marketing strategies transformed into the features that make your multiple delivery service business excel in the market.

What Is Gojek Clone Script?

Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-services script that is white-labeled and  100% customizable that allows you to make changes to meet your rising customer’s demand. Also, based on the feedback you can improve by modifying the features, pricing, themes, that make your customers happy.

The Gojek Clone Script comprises New Features as well as Advance-level features that is available under a single app.

Gojek Clone Script Development company can readily bring uniqueness by integrating New Version Features that are really on demand.

New Gojek Clone App Features

  • Restricted passenger limit
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Safety checklists
  • Taxi fare calculation 2 models- fixed model and incremental model
  • Store wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Item name searching
  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers
  • Order cancellation for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the ride/task
  • Graphical status of the rides/order via in-app notifications

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In Conclusion

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur looking for new avenues to build an On-Demand business, Gojek Clone App is an ideal solution that offers you steady cash flow regardless of the market situation.

Offering 70+ On-Demand Services under a single application makes your app the most preferred shopping/ordering destination for the users. The user-friendly features will vetch – the best app development company in India.

Since it is a ready-made online app solution, we offer flexibility to customize the features, themes, and more the way you’re an on-demand business.

Once you take the demo, you are all set to launch your Gojek Clone App in the market and generate 10X of revenue from day 1.

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