Latest trends in Wedding Photography in India

There are many things to consider and think about when preparing for your wedding. The list may seem unending, and it becomes difficult to decide where to begin. But there are a few things that ought to be your priorities when it comes to planning for your big day. And one such is wedding photography.

Indeed, a wedding is an expensive affair. But, when wedding attire gets folded, and the joy and lovely cries of family members fade into beloved memories, it is the photographs that stay.

Your wedding photography is about much more than the day itself. It’s about capturing those special moments that mark the beginning of a lifelong intimate journey together. It’s about capturing every minute of those beautiful moments that reveal the divine story of your nuptials.

In India, weddings are considered no less than festivals. Several pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals span over a week, and people love to celebrate each of them with full enthusiasm. Every single ritual is deeply associated with our rich culture and values. Thus, no matter if the wedding is small or big, a ceremony is always incomplete without photography.

Professional photographers are experts in capturing deep-emotional moments that usually get forgotten as time passes. Down the road, the photographs will be a throwback to that lifetime occasion. They will refresh your memory and immediately plunge your mind into that delightful time.

Gone are those days when the bride-groom would stand and give different poses. Today’s generation expects photographers to capture beautiful masterpieces that are candid and portray natural emotions. Also, in today’s age of smartphones and social media, couples like to post images showing true happiness and joy.

Thus, in this blog, I tell you the latest trends in wedding photography in India. Trends that are catching the eye of young couples. So, without creating any more excitement, let’s begin.

Creative shots

As I mentioned earlier, young couples are now more interested in pictures that look exciting on social media. Thus, they want shots that stand out and immediately grab the attention of their friends and followers. That is why wedding photographers have added some creative spark to their photography. A spark in the form of some unique shooting angles to make pictures look fascinating. But, to get the best quality, it is advisable to hire a professional wedding photographer.

 Drone shot

Drone shot is the latest addition to wedding photography and has started gaining enormous popularity among young couples. With a large number of guests, it becomes difficult to capture everyone in a single click.  without any hassle. By hovering over the entire venue, a drone camera will easily be able to get wide-angle shots. It can also click candid pictures of all the guests. The photographs will look extremely fabulous with the unique bird’s eye view.

Capturing the intricate details

While the auspicious moments of the wedding ceremonies are something that every photographer pays attention to, another trend that has become quite popular in wedding photography is capturing intricate details. The lavish jewellery of the bride, her beautifully crafted lehenga, and mesmerising makeup. These close-up shots with a perfect depth of field will be something to feast your eyes on down the road. Also, given the time and effort that went into meticulously giving perfect touch to these fine details, they certainly deserve some extra attention.

 It’s Not Just About the Main Event

As mentioned earlier, the Indian wedding spans over a week. From Mehendi to Haldi, and Roka to Sangeet, there are numerous pre-wedding and post-wedding sacred rituals.

A carefree style

Instead of traditional photoshoots in which the bride and groom would give different poses, photographers nowadays are also crafting wedding stories with a collection of marvellously captured pictures. Stories that depict intimate moments of commitment of the bride-groom towards one another. This type of technique also gives a more realistic appearance of the day. It is a carefree style that combines plenty of candid photos to stitch a story that comprises natural expressions and emotions of the D-Day.

Every picture is important

While professional pictures are an important part of the wedding shoot, seldom the most candid photographs are clicked by those family members and friends through their smartphones who aren’t even experts. Being closer to you, many of them could have also captured the moments that even the photographer might have missed.

If you want to hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding, you can visit the website below. It has a list of famous wedding photographers in India that are professional in taking such beautiful shots.

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