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Health & Fitness

Laser depilation

If you are considering resetting your hair counter. Here are the best tips and most recommended techniques to perform laser hair removal safely and effectively.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal.

The benefits of laser hair removal are undeniable as it is a fast and safe method. That keeps the skin free of hair for a long time (in many cases permanently) and helps to remove large areas.

In addition, it also has medicinal uses, and patients with pathologies such as pseudo folliculitis or hirsutism. Or who needed to remove skin grafts have benefited from this technique.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

However, we must not forget that laser hair removal has certain drawbacks that must be taken into account before starting the sessions:

Discomfort and burning

When applying the laser it is normal that you feel a burning or stinging sensation. Which during the first two or three sessions (when the hairs are still abundant) is usually annoying. Especially if you are waxing an area where the skin is particularly sensitive, such as English. The cooling systems built into some equipment significantly reduce pain. From the fourth session, small punctures are completely tolerable. In any case, wax is not pleasant either, and laser hair removal has the advantage. That hair growth is greatly delayed and the sessions are increasingly separated.

You can consult your doctor about the possibility of using an anesthetic cream. If the area to be treated is very sensitive. Or it it has high follicular density, but it is quite heavy to use since you must apply it approximately one hour before the session. And cover the area with plastic and it can increase the risk of burns. Because the laser technician cannot measure the frequency used correctly because he does not feel pain.

As with other aesthetic treatments, Optimum Laser Hair Removal Manhasset continues to evolve, and in recent years a new laser, Vectus ™, has become available, which in addition to being more effective due to its ability to remove more hair per. Session, which makes it ideal for large areas like the legs. It is almost painless as it uses energy evenly and avoids annoying heat spikes.

Unauthorized areas

However, it is important to note that there are areas where hair tends to reappear insistently. Such as in the facial area. We have already explained that this is because the active hairs are removed during the session. But the laser does not affect the resting hair follicles, which can activate over time. Still, it is wise to remove excess facial hair with a laser. As new hair will always come out with any other hair removal method, or even if none were used.

Androgens or related hormones also stimulate hair growth, both in men when they mature (breast, abdomen, back, lumbar region…), and in some women who suffer from hormonal disorders (such as hyperandrogenism) and in these cases patients require brushing. sessions over time to remove new hair.

Shave waxing or depilatory cream between sessions

It is important to bear in mind that between sessions you will not be able to shave your hair with methods that pull it out by the roots, so wax and hair removal equipment are excluded. A razor or depilatory cream will be the hair removal methods, which can be scary in some areas, especially on the face of women. For example, the upper lip or chin should be shaved with a razor, which can make it more visible, but keep in mind that the hair becomes thinner and invisible and you can finally hold these areas without growing in between sessions.

Gray hair and fine hair

The laser does not remove gray hair or fine, light hair. Fine hair (most commonly on the face of women) does not absorb the light emitted by the laser well, even if it is a little dark, so the doctor should evaluate the properties of the patient’s skin to check if it is possible. use the laser to depilate this type of hair in your particular case.

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Dark skin

While there is laser equipment that can be used with relative certainty on dark skin, the patient should first be evaluated by a doctor. The procedure can also be less efficient and cumbersome.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, laser hair removal is contraindicated in areas near the abdomen and pelvis to prevent possible damage to the placenta or fetus. In the case of areas far from the fetus, the pregnant woman should first consult her doctor or interrupt treatment until the birth.


If you are taking any medicine, tell your doctor to see if the medicine causes photosensitivity, such as isotretinoin. You must also inform you if a new pathology has been diagnosed or if a new medication is prescribed to you. Before undergoing a new laser hair removal session in case of interaction.

With the prior evaluation of a doctor, it can happen that the melanin present in the patient’s skin absorbs part of the light energy intended for the hair follicle. And therefore the skin it overheats and severe irritation or even a burn occurs.

Therefore, it is important that you follow the recommendations of the specialists. And do not expose your skin to the sun or apply self-tanners before the sessions. And depending on your skin photo type, this minimum time without sun exposure can be regular. Two months (in fact, the more the better).

To reduce the risk of skin heating, the unit has a built-in sub-zero cooling system.

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