Know These Styling Tips to Ace a Kaftan Look

Every woman wants to make a style statement. Whether it’s a formal gathering or a casual event, you got to look your best. In pursuit of that, women choose stylish dresses and ethnic outfits. What about a lazy summer day? What’s your idea of styling for a day at home? Or, if you’re heading for a day event, say a brunch, how would you style yourself? A designer kaftan dress is your escape from boring outfits.

You can find women kaftans online. The point is to style them to perfection so that you’re able to make a style statement. Before we share some styling tips, let’s learn more about this beautiful piece of garment.

Kaftan Dresses

What is a kaftan?

A kaftan or caftan is an ankle-length garment. It has long, flowy sleeves and is considered a loose and airy dress. You will be surprised to know that kaftans used to be a men’s outfit in the Middle East. You will notice that a kaftan comes with a belt and uses either cotton or silk fabric.

How to style a kaftan?

You can style a kaftan in different ways, depending on the occasion. If it’s a beach party, you can wear a kaftan with a headscarf. The other style you can pick is to tie a waist belt to make your outfit shine. For a summer look, you can go for a comfortable pair of shorts with a matching kaftan. A designer kaftan dress is easy to style.

More tips to make a style statement

While searching for women kaftans online, you must pay heed in choosing the right accessories, be it a handbag, footwear, or jewelry. Sine a kaftan dress is more of a casual garment; you don’t need to wear heavy makeup or don a stylish hair bun. Go with the flow is the best mantra here.

Choose a stylish handbag

kaftan dress with bag

A sling handbag may look outdated. So, you can consider buying a tote bag or a clutch. The idea is to stay relaxed for as long as you can. As your kaftan dress promises to be comfortable, you can choose cool accessories to go with it. If you’ve got a design or brand in mind, make haste to buy that handbag. Be sure that it matches your designer kaftan dress.

Pick comfortable footwear

A kaftan is popularly known as a beach dress. So, if you’re heading to a beachside, don’t forget to choose comfy flip-flops or flat sandals. You don’t need an explanation of why you should shun the idea of wearing high heels. However, if it’s a brunch and you are meeting your girl gang after a long time, it’s the perfect occasion to flaunt your style. Go with a stylish pair of high heels with a designer kaftan dress. You’re sure to win praise for your fashion choice.

Choose beads over silver

When wearing a kaftan, wearing gold jewelry would take away all the fun. Also, silver may not look authentic with this piece of garment. What’s the choice then? Well, beaded jewelry is what can change your style game. A beaded necklace can complement your kaftan like no other. You can wear a bracelet decked in your favorite gemstone. We do prefer anklets, but it’s your choice if you want to wear minimum jewelry.

When you shop for women kaftans online, make sure you explore the jewelry section simultaneously. It’s good to own the latest designs before someone else makes a place for them in their jewelry box.

Wear minimum makeup

You may not like the idea of wearing a kaftan to a wedding. It doesn’t work that way. It’s more of casual dressing. So, it’s better to wear light makeup so that you don’t have to give your face a final makeup touch now and then. Smooth lip color and eyeliner can do wonders to your look.

When it comes to styling your hair, you must consider letting them loose. Go with open hair rather than choosing a complex hair bun. The idea is to enjoy what you’re wearing and pay less attention to your makeup department.

Choose the right length

To avoid a wardrobe malfunction, you should pick the right length kaftan. You can find kaftans in different sizes. So, you must do the legwork before selecting one. Don’t make haste in trying out the size. Since a kaftan is a designer addition to your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with your choice.

With all that said, it’s equally important to finding a trusted source when shopping for women kaftan online. You can visit the Readiprint Fashions store. It offers a wide selection of kaftan dresses in the latest colors and styles. You can also look through an enticing collection of dresses, salwar suits, sarees, and lehengas.

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