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Google Voice is a virtual phone system that can provide users with a local number. Business customers can choose to purchase an upgrade plan or go with their free Google Voice plan, which offers a few more features. All plans let you make separate calls for personal and business when using one device. To obtain a Google Voice Number For Your Company, you first need to create an account on Google. Choose a phone number and connect it to your existing number, then download Google Voice. You can then download the Google Voice app to use all its features for business.

The system is a cinch to set-up and has some useful call management features for businesses. That doesn’t need a full-fledged voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) business for phone systems. Here are four simple steps for getting an Google Voice phone number to utilize for your company:

  1. Create a Google Account

In order to begin the process of obtaining a Google Voice number you must have an existing Google account. It is your Google account that you are using to sign into other Google apps and tools like the Chrome browser or the Google Workspace suite.

If you don’t have an account, making one is easy and takes only an hour to complete. Visit Google’s Google Account sign-in page and click “Create account.” Choose the account you want for your child, you as well as “To manage my business” on the pop-out form. After that you’ll be directed to a form in which you’ll type your first and last names in the boxes provided.

Then, you can choose a new username or email address for your account, or make use of an existing email address If you’d rather. If you decide to create new email addresses, Google will let you know if the address is accessible or not. If you choose to use an existing email address, you’ll need to confirm that it’s the email account you have before connecting with Google. Google account.

Then you’ll need to make a password to your account. The password should be at least 8 characters long, and include lower and uppercase letters, as well as symbols and numbers. Be sure to select an extremely secure, unique password that is not shared with other accounts. When you’re satisfied with your password, simply click “next” to go to the page where you can set security settings.

The security option isn’t mandatory however, it’s a great idea to finish this step. To increase the safety for your Google account, add your phone number as well as an email address in the event that you require to restore your account. This form also requires your date of birth as well as gender. After all the data is completed you can select “next” to activate the account.


  1. Select Your Google Voice Number

After you have your Google Account set up and you are logged in, visit Google Voice. Google Voice website. You will be asked to choose if the account is to be used for personal purposes as well as for commercial use.

If you choose “For personal use,” an option drop-down gives three choices: Android, iOS, or web. Picking the phone option (Android and iOS) will lead you to the application store’s download pages. If you select the “Web” option will prompt you to enter your credentials and sign the terms and conditions of service before proceeding.

If you select “For business,” you can choose from three plans that are professional. Prices range from $10 to $30 a month. You will also need to sign up for an Google Workspace account, which costs between $6 and $18 per month. Choose the plan that is best for the needs of your company. When you’ve selected the plan you want to use, choose a company number to connect using Google Voice.

In the beginning, enter an area code in order that Google can locate available telephone numbers within your desired area code. Look through the numbers available to find one that’s simple to remember, particularly in the case of your company. If you aren’t happy with any of the numbers shown you can click you can click the “show more” button will offer you additional choices. Select “Select” once you find a Google Voice number that will be beneficial to your company.


  1. Link & Verify Your Existing Phone Number Which You Use

When you’ve completed the steps necessary to obtain the Google Voice number. You have to connect to an existing number that you want calls to be forward to, like the number you have currently on your cell phone. The number you have already linked to must be either a cellphone or a landline that is located inside the United States.

Google will require verification of your existing number. In order to do this, they’ll issue a six-digit text message. If the number is for a landline number it will be possible to click an option that allows you to verify the number through an incoming phone call. After you receive the number enter it into the box provided and select “finish” to complete your account configuration.


  1. Download the App on Your Devices

Google Voice is a great mobile communication solution for small companies. It’s essential to have access to your new phone number wherever you go. To accomplish this, you’ll require an account with the Google Voice mobile. Application available within the Apple app store or an Android apps store.

When you have found the application, click “download” after which click the “download” button to begin the installation process. The app will prompt you to type in the Google login username as well as password in order to make calls after the application is install. If you don’t own any mobile phones to connect in conjunction with your account, an internet browser may serve as a phone to receive and make calls.

  • Top Google Voice Features :- The benefit for Google Voice lies in its cost-effective or no cost access to an online phone number that users can call your company. The service is available with your smartphone, without your personal number, and can be use to separate messages and calls to be use for business and pleasure. Alongside this practical feature however, the service comes with a variety of additional characteristics that make it valuable.

Here are a few Google Voice features to consider before deciding if Google Voice is the best choice to get a second number for your small-sized business:

  • Unlimited Calling & Multi-Device Access :- As a virtual telephone service, Google Voice provides free unlimited calling as well as brief message service (SMS) texting across Canada and the United States and Canada. It also allows you to take and return calls using laptop computers on your desktop, Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. As with other virtual phone companies only require an internet connection. All calls are handle via the internet or your cell phone plan.


  • Support for Desk Phones :- Contrary to other virtual phone providers like Grasshopper, Google Voice supports certain types with IP (internet protocol which is also known as Internet-based) desktop phones. It is available only in only the Standard as well as Premier plan plans. This feature is ideal for companies that have older VoIP phones that were purchase from an earlier provider. Some desk phones supported are those from the Polycom Obi2182 WiFi VoIP phone. The Motorola ML25260 as well as the Polycom VVX 450.


  • Spam Filter :- In addition to the audio phone screen Google Voice’s spam filter will block calls from unwanted numbers. This feature is accessible by default, and it automatically adds all messages sent by registered spam calls to your junk mail folder. It is also possible to add calls to this list. Google is continuing to assign those who are know to be spammers onto this list, too. Like spam in emails, it is important to be sure to check for spam in your Google Voice spam folder. Periodically to make sure no callers have been improperly route.


  • Multi-Level Auto-Attendant :- Auto-attendants are a call routing feature in software that offers menus to assist callers in navigating to the correct extension. While not as complex or self-service-oriented as an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Google Voice’s auto-attendant feature significantly reduces the misrouted calls number.

Google Voice has a text-to-speech (TTS) feature which automatically converts text into spoken words. Allowing you to create menus that allow users to use through your system. It is also possible to record audio in order for your auto-attendant system. To have an authentic sounding experience for customers.

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