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Know About the Four Major Tattoo Trends of 2021

Tattooing is one of those body modification procedures that will probably never go out of fashion. Why? Because the tattoo artists all across the globe constantly experiment to create something new that may have elements of the older genres but are capable of creating an entirely different sort of impact.

Starting from DIY- inspired styles to unique placements, please check out the given write-up that specifies what one may expect in 2021.

Space Tattoos

The experts working for the best tattoo studio in the Gold Coast said everyone will see more of galaxy, constellation, and outer space-themed designs. Owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the people have much more time to delve deep into their innermost selves, and ask questions such as, ‘where are we from actually?’, ‘why are we in this universe?’, ‘what is the purpose in our life?’


Psychedelic-inspired tattoos have dark black lines and vibrant colours. They aim to alter one’s mind, or in other words, help them see what lies beneath the actual design. Also known as illustrative surrealism, this particular style is going to revolution is the vast body art landscape. The funkier the themes, the better. Pay a visit to Instagram for deriving inspiration.

Stick and Poke

Stick and poke has impressed a major segment of the population because it completely eliminates machine usage. The ink is instead inserted into the skin manually with needles attached to a rod-like structure. They have an exceptional aesthetic and appear quite organic. For enhancing the safety quotient, do disinfect the needles thoroughly, and go through the ingredients the inks contain.


Apart from outer space, the top-notch tattooists predict that a longstanding trend will reinforce its already sturdy footing within the ink industry. Floral tats are fortunately not going anywhere.

The organic and fragile nature of the wildflowers make them optimal themes although one may also opt for well-known flowers such as roses, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, etc. They have a visual charm and treasure profound connotations.

Large Scale

People are not any more ashamed of the love they feel for tattooing. To convey to the entire world about their passion, they plan on inking huge tattoos with elaborate details that would easily encompass the back, chest, thigh, sleeve, etc. As 2020 have forced us to encounter a life-and-death situation, no one wants to suppress their desires. Who knows what lie ahead, right?


The experts working for renowned tattoo places in the Gold Coast said, in 2021, people have been expanding or upgrading their existing designs to add extra meaning to them. Suppose someone has a miniature version of rose on their wrist, he/she would go onto incorporate elements such as perhaps a skull, an anchor, silhouette of the devil, etc. so that design covers the entire arm.

The individuals who wish to try the trends stated above must schedule appointment with the best artist in their locality. He/she must assure to generate painless outcomes for an affordable price while adhering to the internationally recognised hygiene standards under all circumstances.

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