JEE 2021 Exam-Preparation Strategy For Last Minute

The countdown has begun; as the national engineering entrance exam date, JEE 2021, draws closer, the pressures soar high. Those who are attempting to crack the JEE experience a mixed bag of emotions—nervous tension, excitement and fear of the unknown. However, they also make that last-minute attempt to sharpen their knowledge and put the years of studying and preparation into a ready-to-use capsule. 

Last-minute preparation can be helpful if you have worked out a strategy. A strategy helps you plan your preparation itinerary. So, instead of allowing panic to set in, follow a plan that helps you remain focused on the task ahead. Utilise your time effectively with these last-minute preparation tips. Students who have enrolled in JEE Coaching in Kerala believe that last-minute preparation can contribute to their success.  

The tips we share here will give you a plan to go forward. Some of these tips are suggested by a reputed JEE Coaching Center. Their coaches give pointers to keep in mind during the countdown to the JEE. 

Focus On Your Strengths

Don’t delve into new topics or subjects you have not mastered yet; instead, focus your last-minute preparation on building on your strengths. Work on topics that are your strong points, so you get better. The strategy will help you answer all the questions on the subject correctly. Practice, practice, practice; the more you practice, the better you will get. 

Memorise Formulae For JEE Exam

Have lists of important formulae accessible, and go through them every day, multiple times a day. Repetition strengthens memory and the ability to recall. The more often you go through a formula in your mind, the better it will stick in your mind.

Make Short Notes For JEE Exam

Short notes are abridged versions of the entire syllabus. They encapsulate everything vital that you need to remember for the JEE. Use them to revise topics instead of going through whole chapters. Short notes should be short, crisp and understandable. Glance through your short notes, especially while preparing for topics that have more weightage. 

Take Mock Tests For JEE Exam

There are different beliefs regarding mock tests; some swear by them, while others think too many are not good. Strike a balance—attempt a couple of mock tests, as they give you a hang of the actual test. 

Also, solve previous years papers. Check the answers and analyse your mistakes. This helps you recognise areas that you need to improve upon. The tests give you practice, help you understand your weak areas, and revise and get better. 

Build Confidence

This is no time for self-doubt. Chuck any apprehensions that crop up in your thoughts, straight out of the window. You do not have to go through the ‘I can’t do it’ phase. Believe in yourself; it helps build confidence in your abilities and lets you remain focused. Self-doubt creates unnecessary panic and stress that you do not need at this juncture. Remind yourself of your successes, and tell yourself that you can. 

Relaxation Techniques

Make time for relaxation. Studying and revising all the time will burn you out. Take regular breaks between study schedules; breaks of up to ten to fifteen minutes every hour or so are ideal. Breaks help you remember stuff better, concentrate better, remove tension, and lessen fatigue—your output increases when you take breaks. 

Do things that help to relax. Step into the balcony, play with your pet, chat with your parents; just get your mind off JEE preparation, and you will notice a boost in energy levels when you get back to your books.

Nourish Your Body

Eating healthy, wholesome foods nourishes the body and mind. Junk, junk food, and nourish yourself with home-cooked healthy meals. Also, eat fresh fruits and nuts, as they are rich in nutrients. Don’t forget to hydrate. Drink up to eight glasses of water.  

Take Proper Exercise 

JEE aspirants often ignore physical health during the preparation phase. Your mind works well in a healthy body. Include at least half an hour of physical activity in your routine. It could be anything—run or jog, do yoga, hit the gym, play a sport or go cycling. Exercise pumps blood to your heart and brain and releases adrenaline, which is good for you. 

Get Proper Rest

Sleep is essential—the body and mind need rest. A rested mind and body perform better. So, don’t deprive yourself of sleep. A rested body is better able to concentrate. Aim for at least six to seven hours of sleep, if not more. 

Follow a Routine

Lastly, follow a timetable whether for study, breaks, leisure activities or sleep. It is good to manage your twenty hours a day around a schedule. That way, you can devote time to all that needs to be done without feeling the pressure. 

These techniques will be helpful in the examination time. Face JEE exam with confidence and wishing you the best for the exams ahead.

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