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Jackets Coats are Casual Date Outfit for Men

The hardest part was asking your dream girl on a date; you have done that! Congratulations! But you have to keep the momentum going. Let the spark fly on your first date and many more that may come in the future. Dress to impress so that your confidence does the talking. Your outfit should exude confidence and warmth. Also, you may want to dress according to the place where you are going. Wearing a blazer on an outdoor picnic might not be a good idea. You can never go wrong with jackets coats, they complete the whole ensemble.

It is said that the first impression is the last. You have seconds to make a long-lasting effect on the girl. She might not remember anything else about her date, but she will remember your outfit. She might judge you alone on your outfit without you having to open your mouth. Yes, one should judge others by their personality, but that is not the case in most situations. 

Here are some outfit ideas for men to take the lead from:

Sophisticated Outfit

Suppose the girl wants the first to be at some museum or some art exhibition. Dress the part. Choose a grey or black blazer with some colour or some other neutral colour pants. Good jackets coats are available at many good stores at reasonable prices.

Wear a white or black shirt underneath for a sophisticated formal look. The colour should be added to the whole ensemble by using a tie or the pocket square added to the blazer. A pair of good formal shoes will complete the look. 

Casual Date Outfit

If you have planned a drink date and nothing fancy as a dinner date, even then, you should take special care in planning your outfit. Your first instinct will be to wear jeans, but for once, do not give in to that impulse. You want her to think that you made an effort. Wear tailored trousers or pants if you are going straight to the bar after work. Plan your work outfit accordingly. Wear a jacket coat over the ensemble when going to the bar from work. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, a James Dean look. 

Cinema Date Outfit

It is always a good choice to bring your date to watch a movie. You can indeed watch a movie from home without the hassle of ticket purchasing, but please do not do that. A nice movie date with dinner is perfect. 

For creating the look on that evening, keep in mind that you are about to sit in a cramped seat for two hours, so do not wear skinny jeans or even jeans. It won’t be easy to sit in that outfit. A dark-colored button-down shirt paired with neutral colour trousers is a must in this scenario. Wear an overcoat if it is chilly. 

Casual with Style

If the date has a more relaxed vibe, then wear a laid-back outfit that makes you look effortlessly good but not as if you did not care enough. Start with a checkered shirt, then layer a neutral-colored sweater on it. This is a chill date, so you might want to wear coloured pants and a belt that will complete the glamourous look. It will also look like you have put some thought into dressing up that might work in your favour. Add a coat jacket if you think it might get cold after some time.

Picnic Date Outfit

In this economy, it might not be easy to obtain a date at some fancy restaurant. The prices will be too high. Yes, it’s your first date, and yes, you should spend money on your girl. But sometimes, it is okay to plan something else like a picnic. There are many benefits of picnic dates; you can impress the girl with your cooking and fresh air. 

Now the question arises. What should you wear? The food and the scenery are all good, but she is there for you, so dress to kill. Picnic on a summer day means you can wear shorts. It’s hot out there, shorts will not only keep you cool, but they will also make a statement. Wear denim shorts or cotton shorts. Pair it with a t-shirt of pastel colours. Do not shy away from the pink colour. Wear your glasses to complete the look. Also, wear comfy shoes.

Stay at Home Date Outfit

It’s covid-19 season everywhere, so most restaurants are closed, and people are in quarantine. But that does not mean you can not arrange a date with your girl. Treat her like the queen she is. Cook the food and start a movie on Netflix. You do not have to dress up for this type of date as you are at home, but you still want to dress to impress. Wear a cashmere sweater or a cable knit sweater. You can never go wrong with cashmere. Wear that with comfortable trousers. Wear those cute fuzzy matching socks with her. The whole idea is to create the warmth and coziness of a restaurant. 


Dates are not only for girls to enjoy and dress up. Men should dress up because they want to. Even if you are dressing to impress her still, you should be comfortable also. Follow the tips given above and make every date memorable.

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