It’s all about eco-bricks – Things to know about the advancement of 2021!

Today, the biggest wish of youth is to save the planet! A study has proved that we’ve perceived a lot of time and ease on it! Striving to be more active in building a bright tomorrow for the asteroid, 80% of people and companies such as Novel Concrete are actively modifying their consumption to generate less impairment to the land. Growing less wild is a dare. Particularly when plastic is sneaked here and there in the streets, we might nevermore have imagined living in such a dirty environment. As plastic is the main cause of pollution and mess, one trend has jumped up freshly — focused on settling plastic in an extra eco-friendly way. Many companies are now making eco-bricks in Lahore that can serve as in another context. But what are eco-bricks, and why are they fundamental? That is what we are going to discuss!

What are eco-bricks in general?

Have you seen the popular Instagram post where plastic bottles are set to dispose of eco-bricking? You might have seen eco-bricks stories, but now it is time to delve deeper into the details. Eco-bricks newly (everybody appears to be eco bricking!), but what are they precisely? Let us explain: Eco-Bricks are single-use synthetic or plastic bottles that are washed out and pressed tightly with other jiffies of single-use material to be recycled as constructing blocks.

Construction companies usually use eco-bricks to construct homes and buildings. A study has shown that these types of building blocks are environmentally friendly and solid to fight against harsh weather. Alternatively, of closing its life quickly after one practice, eco-bricks bypass carrying single-use plastic directly to landfills.

What can eco-bricks be used for?

One question that is constantly circulating is where can eco-bricks use for? And that’s what we need to discuss over here! Eco-bricks are versatile and can be used to construct almost anything, from movables to constructions. You can also use them to build schools or any top-class mall! Manufacturing with eco-bricks is an excellent way to decrease the plastic trash sent to garbage areas. It can extend the life of plastics built for single-use and constitute more affordable support from pre-existing substances.

To make sure they’re a firm, solid replacement for conventional building substances, the mass and weight of eco-bricks are crucial. They are 100% non-biodegradable plastics eco-bricks will never shatter down, making them fitting for sturdy structures.

Pros of Eco-bricks:

Eco-bricks are an excellent way to reuse plastic that does not crackdown, settle up in the ocean or the landfill. There could be several benefits to reuse them as eco-bricks:

  • Synthetic is a valuable material, but we produce too many of it and predispose to it wrongly. The right qualities that cause plastic so tricky to dispose of, like hardness, durability, and water shield, are what gives it a glorious construction material tendency
  • We all urge to reduce flexible waste. When you notice the worse amount of rubbish. This fantastic process additionally helps you to make less waste.
  • These bricks also prevent toxic waste from living burned and keep from dropping up in the sea. Synthetic/plastic discharges CO2 when heated, developing carbon discharges and pointing to global warming.
  • The chief benefit of eco-bricks is they perceive something that had a damaging effect on the atmosphere. And convert it into something that supports local communities.


In the end, we would like to say that eco-bricks are an excellent way of recycling non-biodegradable plastic trash since we thought it to be a long-lasting and sturdy material. It holds synthetic out of the atmosphere and withdraws pollution. The fundamental assumption of an eco-brick is pretty mild: gather all the items that you cannot reuse at home or nearby and stuff them in a plastic bottle tightly. This sturdy plastic package displays a building block that you can utilize for multiple purposes.

Eco-bricking is a compelling way of knowing individual capacity for overcoming the plastic threat. Sound of all, we can relive into the billion-year myth of making compacted plastic into environmental use. If you want to grab eco-bricks for your home, you can contact Novel Concrete that generates eco-bricks in Lahore for you!



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