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Is Wordpress Still A Worthy Platform For Developing A Website In 2022? Let’s Check It Out

Is there any business with growth plans and ambition that lacks a website? You will be tired of finding such an entity nowadays! The web is a powerful platform to reach target buyers, and businesses of varying sizes and types have understood that well. The pandemic-induced lockdown served as an eye opener. It showed how the web turned the savior for billions of home-locked people and thousands of brands that were forced to close physical outlets. However, picking the right platform for developing your company website is important. WordPress is a good choice in that regard.

The relevance of WordPress for Web development in 2022

The web development sector is no stranger to changes, for sure. Very few tools or frameworks remain in vogue here for a long time. A web development tool that is in much demand now may become an old favorite within a few years. However, a few web development platforms have withstood competition from emerging rivals, and WordPress is among the rare contenders. It remains a favorite with top web developers and businesses across the world.

However, to extract the most out of the platform, you will have to hire a competent and reliable WordPress development company.

Why using WP for web development is useful even now?

There are plenty of web development tools and frameworks nowadays. You can pick from so many free and licensed tools for such needs. However, using WordPress for developing websites is still prudent. It is not without enough reasons, so many businesses still pick WP over other tools. These include start-ups as well as some of the corporate and technology giants. In fact, more than 35% of websites you see are made with WP.

Listed below are the reasons for picking WordPress over other web development tools:

  • Easy to get started with- If you have a start-up or home-based business and setting up a website is a need, it is not mandatory to hire a web development company. You can use WP to develop your venture website, and no coding expertise will be needed. One major advantage of using WP is that it is very simple to use. Even first-time users can figure out how to use the CMS, and they can set up a functional website without seeking help. A dashboard is what you use to tweak a WP website after creating it.
  • Light on the wallet– After lockdown and resultant economic turmoil, all businesses are looking for ways to reduce operational expenses beyond doubt. Cutting down on web development costs will be bliss for many. When you use WP, keeping web development costs within a limit becomes easy. The CMS is Open Source, and allied costs can be controlled if you are cautious. For example, small businesses can opt for shared hosting, which is quite cheap. The paid plans are also not cost as such. You get to pick from a total of 6 subscription options.
  • Speedy development- When you need to develop a website real fast, few tools come across better than WordPress. Unless it is a complex website with many sections and pages, using WP makes sense for fast website development.
  • Immense flexibility- WordPress website development remains popular owing to the amazing flexibility it offers. You may pick from WordPress.com and WordPress. Org. The latter is kind of a self-hosted edition of WP. It can be used by anyone literally. The .com version is aimed more at commercial entities. But it comes with reduced flexibility than the self-hosted version. With WP, you can make almost all types of websites. In fact, it is now used extensively for making e-commerce websites too. The platform supports multiple languages as well.
  • Extensive customization options – You can customize a WP website easily without using coding. The huge collection of themes, available in both free and paid flavors, makes enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your WP website simple.
  • Functionality boost through plug-ins– One of the reasons behind the lasting popularity of WP in the web development scene is its massive range of plug-ins. These add-ons let the web developers enhance the functionality of websites made using the CMS. You get plenty of free and licensed plug-ins to choose from. You get plug-ins to boot SEO, augment website security, manage media content better, take backup and many more.
  • Huge online support and community– When you get your website made with WP, there is no need to worry about troubles that may crop up later. Over the years, the online support community of WP has grown significantly. So, you can always approach the online WP support groups should you encounter any issue while developing a WP website or if your existing website develops a snag.
  • Decent security– Web developers are particular about deploying enough security measures in websites made by them, regardless of what platform is chosen. In this section, WP is on secure ground. The platform itself is secure even though you have to abide by the latest web security measure when making websites with it. Thankfully, there are several useful WP security plug-ins. If you are unsure about enhancing the security level in your WP website, hire a WordPress developer with considerable expertise.
  • SEO-friendly platform– Natively, WP is an SEO-friendly web development platform. There is no need to explain why SEO is important for any brand to develop an online presence. When you use WP, your website is, by default SEO-friendly. You may use a suitable SEO plug-in such as Yoast SEO to augment the final impact. If in doubt, you can hire a WordPress programmer or expert.
  • Embedded blog module- Remember that WP was launched as a platform for blogging a long time back. So, when you set up a WP website, you get a blog module bundled in. This can be handy, especially if you plan to sell things online. You can publish blogs on product-related topics to make potential buyers interested.
  • Good integration– WordPress integrates easily with several popular web services and tools. This is another reason web developers prefer it over many other options. It syncs with services like Google Analytics, the top payment gateways and email marketing tools.

Hiring the right WP development agency may be necessary

It is quite possible to set up a functional website using WP, for sure. You may be able to develop such a website, choose a domain name and find a host with a little effort. This will set things in place. However, sometimes, hiring a veteran WP developer or agency may be necessary. This can be necessary when:

  • The website you want to develop has a lot of sections and several pages.
  • You want to augment the default security level.
  • You are not sure which plug-ins will be suited.
  • You want a reliable source of support for the website.

How to ensure you hire the apt WP development agency

There are plenty of agencies offering WordPress development services these days, and you can find some Freelance WP developers as well. However, to ensure you sign up with the right WP developer or agency, assess the contenders on the key aspects. Here are what you need to assess.

  • The tenure and expertise of the agency or developer.
  • The client base of the agency and feedback of the clients.
  • Portfolio of the agency. Check the websites for UI, navigation, security and functionality etc.
  • The cost and support terms.

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