Is Primary School Education Really Important?

The short answer would be ‘Yes!

Primary school forms an important part of the overall academics of a child. It is a stepping stone for the student to know more about their world and gain new knowledge. It won’t be wrong to say that this is one phase that is an important part of the child’s formative years.

Why is primary school an important foundation for a child?


There are many reasons why a good quality education at the primary school level is vital for the child’s mental and physical development.

1 – Helps build basic skills

Right from English and regional language to IT, arithmetic and science, the child gets to know about a range of subjects. Plus, they will mix with other students and gain invaluable communication and interpersonal skills. They are encouraged to let their curious mind gain satisfaction through knowledge rather than through rote learning.

2 – Helps with physical needs

Students feel comfortable talking about physical development concerns with their favourite teachers. They get to learn more about maintaining good health and positive behaviours. The child’s involvement in outdoor activities, team activities, and sports will help shape up a totally different aspect of their physical need.

3 – A gradual progression

The basic literacy and arithmetical skills will help the child to cope with secondary school requirements. This way, it paves the way for the student to continue progressing with her education without facing gaps due to the lack of basic abilities usually taught in primary schools. This way, the transition from primary to secondary schools near Hadapsar education becomes smoother.

4 – Helps to build social character

Before schools near Hadapsar , the child only has the parents to look up to. A school is the first avenue where the child is exposed to a broader domain of socializing. They make friends with like-minded children. This factor helps instil social traits like empathy, friendship, loyalty, teamwork, and a sense of belonging to a group.

But the child can receive these advantages only when he or she is enrolled in the ideal International school in Pune.

What do we miss out on checking for a primary school?

The first criteria that we parents think of is how far (or how near) is the school located from home. Many parents prefer schools near Hadapsar that are near their home so that they can be picked up or dropped off easily.

But take a minute to think – is this the only crucial criterion worth considering?

Considering that primary education will help shape up the child’s life and impact his or her entire life, we can safely say that location should not be the only factor to pick a primary school for the child.

What factors need to be assessed for picking the right primary school

1 – Check if the child’s needs are fulfilled in the school. If she/he needs additional care with special needs, then would the school manage?

2 – Speak with the principal to know the school’s core values. Do they emphasize just academics or require a more well-rounded personality with exposure to arts, culture, and sports?

3 – Check within your network or social circle. Your friend’s child may likely be attending the same school. Such people will offer unbiased advice on the quality of education there.

To sign off

That concludes an interesting insight on why primary school education is crucial for building a strong framework for the child’s future. They get to hone their cognitive, mental, physical, and social skills in this phase of their life. Make sure to enrol your kid into a respected school near Hadapsar. This step will help you carve out a remarkable personality and character in your child.

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