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Is it Better to have 1 or 2 Guinea Pigs in your home?

Guinea pigs can be one the amazing little pets, despite their smaller size this pet is so active and fun-loving. Bringing a Guinea Pig at home the most important thing to consider is how many Guinea pigs you should bring? Either one, two, or more than two, what will be the suitable number of this little pet to keep at home?

It is a very important thing to consider because it is a matter of the guinea pig’s healthy life. As healthy and guinea pig’s favorite food plays a prominent role to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, keeping the right number of this little pet is also very important.

How many Guinea Pigs You Should Keep?

To keep the answer simple and straight, you have to get more than one Guinea pigs whenever you plan to keep this little one at home. The reason is very clear Guinea Pigs are “social animals” that cannot survive alone. So, if you decide to bring this pet at home always consider bringing in a pair.

But it also depends on whether you have a female or a male guinea pig. In the case of female guinea pigs, it is compulsory to bring them in pairs because they cannot survive alone at any cost. However, a male guinea pig can survive alone but in certain situations, you also have to keep them with another guinea pig.

So, it is ideal to bring “two” Guinea pigs at home if you do not want your pet to feel lonely or stressed. To make your pet happy and to increase its life bring them in pairs.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Introducing Guinea Pigs to Each Other

Keeping two or more and introducing Guinea pigs to each other for the very first time is not as simple as it sounds. You have to keep various factors in mind and need to use an appropriate way to introduce two guinea pigs.

o   Always Choose the Right Combination of Pair

A very common mistake that people make most of the time while picking guinea pigs to get them in unsuitable pairs. Choosing the same type of guinea pigs in a pair is advisable to make the bonding process smooth.

If you will bring two different types of guinea pigs then things may not work in a good way. So, to keep the two of them together happily and to develop a friendly bond it is necessary to pick the right category while pairing them together.

o   Set an Appropriate Environment

Another important thing to keep in mind while introducing them to each other is to choose the right space in an appropriate environment. Choose an outdoor place or a grassy place as it contains more chances for smooth interaction.

A pleasant environment helps them interact in a friendly way and it reduces the chances of aggression or attack.

o   Make Sure they Develop a Good Bond

An important part of interaction is good bonding and it is your main focus while keeping them together. Developing a good bond is as important as you could think of, as it will be helpful for your guinea pigs to become good friends.

The key here is to provide them free space in greenery and plenty of time. This process takes time but it will give the best results.

o   Choose a Large Space When It Comes to Introducing

Whether you choose an outdoor place or an indoor place for the first-time interaction of your little pets. It will be more helpful if you choose a large space area. Because at first interaction there are more chances that they may not accept each other.

At the same time, Guinea pigs can become aggressive or can even attack the opponent. The open space will be a great idea as they can maintain a proper distance as well as start accepting each other slowly.

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Is Companionship matter to Guinea Pigs?

As mentioned previously, the Guinea pig is a social animal and the need for a companion holds great importance in the life of this pet. Every pet has different needs and having a company is one of the prominent needs of a Guinea pig.

So, if you bring only one Guinea pig then it will be a complete injustice to the happiness and health of this little creature. To provide them a healthy, happy, and stress-free life you must consider this fact before bringing guinea pigs at home.


Guinea pigs are the smallest living creature that becomes an amazing pet. Like any other pet, this specific pet also has some needs and demands. On top of the list comes the companionship to live a healthy and happy life. Yes, it is the pet that needs to socialize and you cannot keep them alone. So, whenever you plan to keep this pet, bring them in pairs.




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