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Is GST A Good Career Option In 2021?

Career choice is a grey area that predominantly requires you to research and analyze well before hitting the buttons. The demand for work, career growth, salary packet- are a few determinants that pop up in your mind all the time. If GST as a career is whirling your brain, then read this article to know-is GST a good career option in 2021? You can also check out their career development workshops to resolve your career-based struggles.

Let us unwind all the considerate factors one by one before making an inherent discretion about GST as a career choice.

Demand for GST Practitioners

Researches and reports affirm that GST created a demand for 1.3 million finance professionals. Now, that’s huge, isn’t it?

Towards the end of the fiscal year, people go frantic to file Goods and Services Tax returns with an optimal motive to save money. Small, medium, and big enterprises face this situation now and then- to which they require a GST professional to take care of their needs and paperwork without missing the last day of returns.

As a consequence, the demand for GST practitioners witnesses a vertical rise in demand. Provided that you possess the following attributes, you have a way to go ahead in grabbing as many clients as you can as a certified GST practitioner. These characteristics are as follows:

  • identify the nitty-gritty of GST law
  • certified practitioner
  • ability to discover innovative ways to save client’s money
  • paperwork filing
  • detail-oriented and competent at doing calculations
  • able to meet deadlines
  • elucidate things to the clients in a simplified manner

Work in whichever industry you want!

Every industry has its own set of businesses and enterprises- be it the IT industry, the acting industry, art industry, manufacturing industry, and so forth and so on. Whichever the organization may be, they all come under one nation, one tax regime- and so paying GST becomes inevitable.

As a GST practitioner, this gives you the benefit of working with the industry as per your interest. Moreover, you get to associate yourself with more than one field of industry as all are bonded by the unified tax-GST. Thus, don’t think of it as a behind the computer kind of monotonous job. For sure, there is a lot more to it!

Salary Packet

Remuneration is one heck of the positive reinforcement that convincingly impacts your tendency to work. Almost everyone wants to indulge in lucrative career prospects that pay well. Save some who might consider happiness and passion over money-well that’s also a wise selection.

However, going by the masses, money is the driving force behind the profession. Considering that, let me apprise you that GST precisely comes under a profitable career option. Though you may not earn a fortune as an intern, as you bottle up experience- you are on your way to run high on success.

As per Payscale, the average salary of a tax consultant with bonuses and benefits- stands at ₹517,388. Woah, that’s a good one!

Variety to choose from!

Acquiring GST Practitioner Certification along with accounts knowledge entitles you to choose from myriad job profiles to build yourself a fruitful career. Some of the host profiles you can choose from are:

  • Accounts executive
  • E-accountant
  • Senior accountant
  • E-filing expert
  •  Accounts manage
  • Tax advocate
  • Consultant Tax
  • Tax professional

From working in a big-shot MNC to owning an agency to working for solopreneurs- the choices are aplenty. Now, the ball lies in your court to walk the path that you want to!

Career Growth

GST Course with certification is an apt tool to validate your skills and abilities in the GST domain. Working professionals or finance professionals can leverage GST courses to scale up their careers and request a salary hike. For freshers, this course opens up multiple avenues to kick-start their career in any of the above-mentioned job profiles.

Getting yourself with the latest updates of the GST-its compliance, registration, refunds, returns, and implementation is perfect is an exemplary paradigm you can follow to unlock doors for prosperity. Also, once you find yourself sound with the GST real-time practices, you can aim to start up your own consultancy taking up GST filing for diverse businesses.

Final Word

Since the enforcement of GST law on 1st July 2017, there is a massive rift in the GST as one of the most sought-after courses. As a result, more and more working professionals, as well as commerce graduates, are looking forward to a prosperous career in goods and services tax.

Circling back to the question-is GST a good career option? Consolidating all the determinants enumerated above, it’s not hard to believe that GST is a great career option for people with financial acumen, keen on detail, analytical skills, and logical thinking skills. Enormous demand, career advancement, and ratcheting salary with experience put it in a loop of successful career options.   With that being said, you can look forward to enrolling yourself in one of the best Certification Courses available online or offline- as per your convenience and choice.

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