Is Gearbest legit?

Is Gearbest legit? That’s the question many have been asking since its inception. This article will show you if this online store is truly as good as it says it is.

Gearbest is completely legit. It’s a top online wholesale electronics seller and shipping store that began in 2021 with over $100k of capital. As with any other ecommerce business, it also processes payments and ships out its items over time. Like any other online reseller, it sometimes pays if your product is faulty upon receipt or if you receive an item damaged upon receipt.

The nice thing about Gearbest is that they have a very solid reputation. They have been in the business for quite some time, and they’ve grown significantly through word of mouth. Their warehouse in China is constantly monitored by Chinese customs and they meet all of the required Chinese production standards. All of their products are shipped to China in boxes marked as containing consumer goods to facilitate customs clearance. The only reason I can think of why they would not be on top of the list of legitimate ecommerce stores is because of the way they are run and because of the low quality of some of their electronics. Is gearbest legit?

Is it Scam?

However, I can give them props for one thing: their shipping rates are fair and their customer service is top notch. I received a free Gearbest coupon codes and was able to send my computer back to them for free (I managed to send it back without damage). I also did not pay any shipping charges on the item I sent in. The customer care that I got was very helpful and I got some constructive feedback from people who bought from them. This all gave me the confidence to send a review of the site to help others make the right decision when deciding if they would purchase anything through their website.

However, I am not going to blindly endorse this website because there are a few things that might turn you off. For one, the waiting time for an order to be processed through the system can take up to a month. I personally waited over a month before my computer was shipped out. My other problems with the site were with the response time and lack of support. You need to understand that when there is a problem, it usually takes more than one staff member to solve it-which means you may have to wait for weeks before you get answers to your questions.

Is it safe or not?

I was also disappointed with the customer service that I received. I requested three times to speak to one of the staff members via email before receiving a reply. we never got a return email or any way to contact the person on staff. This was a big let down considering the legitimacy of the website. The one positive thing I did find is that the bulk of the items I purchased were available at wholesale prices which I found very reassuring.

The last thing I will discuss in my review is the free shipping. While most wholesalers provide free shipping to their customers, Gearbest offers free shipping on a select number of items only. The reason for this is to “achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty”. The free shipping, I received is worth about $10 dollars. This was far greater than I paid for the shipping of my parcels.

If you are looking to buy Chinese items at a cheap price, then you should definitely check out Gearbest. They are legitimate, fast, secure, and easy to use. Their website is very user friendly and walk you through the buying process step by step. I would recommend the company to anyone looking to buy Chinese perfumes or China.

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