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Is Chihuahua a good family dog?

Now come to your concern question! Is Chihuahua a good family Dog? Then surely this is not a bad idea at all by adding Chihuahua as part of your family. Dogs consider one of the most loyal pets in all.

Major qualities of Chihuahua’s are grasp Easy to pick up, very loyal, doesn’t need much exercise, and usually has a long life span. Highly recommended for a single person.

Alternatively, If talk about a bad believer in Dog? Sadly Chihuahuas bit Nasty some time bite too! Even quite antisocial because they only like the company of their owner.

Aer Chihuahua’s good with kids?

Chihuahua might be not ideal for younger kids. But won’t likely hurt them all. These are considered as Family dogs due to smaller size kid loves to play with them.

This breed is the most fun-loving pet and considered the most modest, loving, loyal, and awesome watchdogs.

So, can Dogs & kids live together in the same house? Simply the answer is …YES CHIHUAHUA’S CAN COEXIST WITH CHILDREN! But with proper training with all safety measures.

Why do Chihuahuas attach to one person?

Many dogs do not like combing. According to my latest information that if you owning Chihuahuas! Then amazing because these pups widely show gravitate toward one person. If they see new people around surely reject them. Not wrong if I say?

Chihuahuas as a One-person Dog. They’ll prefer to cuddle with one specific person with whom they often spending time.

How to Introduce our Cat and Chihuahua to each other?

Normally dogs can easily make good companions combo with cats.

Including my few tips on! How to introduce cats & Dogs at their first meetup.

Whether Pups & cats can live together why not definitely. They consider one of the most cat-friendly dog breeds in the town. Chihuahuas are smaller in size than most cats. Generally, the Chihuahua famous for well-behaved or discipline whenever around the cats.

Simply give them both a neutral place and leave them alone. Keep this interaction very short and watching them both carefully. Chihuahuas and cats easily become best friends, seeing one another as good peers.

Our Chihuahua’s good with other dogs?

Yes, Chihuahua mostly loves the company of other pups. In particular, they tend to enjoy living with others. These Pups quickly mix & sociable breed can tolerate each other very well.

Even if owning more than one dog provides additional physical and mental encouragement for your current Pups or any other breed. Only a   few breeds of Chihuahua might get aggressive with other dogs.

By the additional info, the journal of animal behavior science found the Chihuahuas was the only breed with unpleasant behavior disorders or sometimes bet awful.

Try to work on their personality, genetics, training, and upbringing create a massive difference in how they normally interact with Cats and with other people around them.

Cons of having Chihuahua dogs

If we signify a breed as smaller and might then surely Chihuahuas would be in the line. These tiny creatures are specially bred for those single personalities who prefer apartment living. Well, in spite of the charm look, and adorableness still there are some cons of this breed that will make you insist on not considering Chihuahuas. Let’s these see what they are;

Not good for younger babies

As we know that Chihuahuas are smaller and gentle pets but still they are not familiar with younger babies. Babies and pups are not easy to interact with each other so, next time make sure your infant must be a safe place while Chihuahua around.

Whether a small effort of yours can make them familiar after some time but for the very first there must be some takes precautions by the owner.

Bad Barking

A dog will not be a dog if does not bark. Some dogs often bark a lot whether other mild or occasion. In the range of barkers, Chihuahuas are listed so, that the majority of people do not like to consider it. They think that pups should be calmer.

Their bark can make you irritated when your attention is not enough. As per health providers Chihuahua’s mind is designed to get more attention in comparison to other teacup dog breeds.

Too many Health issues

No one is ready to own a pet who is prone to health issues. if we say chihuahuas? then yes they are! Their health may prone to epilepsy, mitral valve disease, and patella luxation easily which often can be the cause of their death. Before buying this breed try to confirm from the breeder all genetic issues of the particular dog.


If you bring home a pet dog. Must check who has not inherited genes for a bad temperament.  Well keeping any breed at home the most bothering question for anyone. Is Chihuahuas a good family Dog? Simply yes but handling pups is not a joke.

What I’m trying to covey that size of Chihuahuas is even smaller than a teacup poodle simply need an extra level of care. Here Extra care means Supervision, Gentle towards their fragile body, Bladder problems, etc.

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