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New phones come out from time to time to meet customer expectations. Even if newer versions are always more expensive, transactions still happen as everyone gravitates towards the trendiest phones. A similar situation is happening now that the prestigious multinational company Apple has introduced its new iPhone series, and the high-end model in this category is the iPhone 11 Covers

The iPhone 11 has thoughtful features like the improved A13 Bionic processor, improved battery life, and the main feature of this phone is the triple camera. The rest of the phone is similar to the design of its predecessor, the iPhone XR. The functions of many of these phones will always improve and surpass their predecessors. But one aspect that won’t change when discussing phones will be the basic need for phone covers and the definite need for a back cover for the iPhone 11.

Known for making fancy smartphones, Apple’s iPhones are also known for the instant damage they take when hitting the ground. It is fragile and very prone to cracking and scratching when compared to other brands’ phones. The solution to this problem is to get the perfect iPhone 11 cover. There are many options available on the market as it has become a must-have accessory for any phone.

Another added benefit to note is that even if you’re bored with one design, you can always keep changing when your mood demands it. These covers vary in material and design, but they are all affordable and essential to protect your expensive iPhone 11.

Today, we cannot imagine our life without a smartphone, and covers play an important role because all smartphones need protection. Also, people want to differentiate their iPhone 11 from other people’s iPhones. That’s why we give iPhone 11 Covers in attractive colours. These adorable covers will help your iPhone stand out wherever you are and are sure to grab a lot of attention.

We especially give these covers in classy look. Because the attractive covers will not only protect your phones but also make them stand out.

Our features of iPhone Covers :

  1. Smooth & Durable – Our Premium Silicone Covers for iPhone 11 are smooth to the touch. They are also durable and make a good combo as you can hold your iPhone well in these cases.
  1. Premium Silicone – Silicone covers are made from premium silicone. The silicone material is very soft, yet impact resistant at the same time. It looks sleek on your Phone.
  1. Open Bottom – These covers have an open bottom to make it easier to use the Swipe-Up function.
  1. Raised Edges – These covers have lids that raise edges to protect the camera and screen if your iPhone is dropped.
  1. Shock-resistant corners – Our Premium Silicone Covers are made up of shock-resistant corners that protect your phone from damage such as scratches or breakage if dropped.
  1. Microfiber coating – These covers have a microfiber coating that protects the back of the iPhone from minor scratches.
  1. Apple Logo – Our covers have an Apple logo on the lid. People see the iPhone as a status symbol, and if it has an Apple logo on the lid, people can flaunt it among their colleagues.
  1. Precision Cutouts – Our covers give the iPhone a sleek and classy look.
  1. Compatibility –  Our covers are compatible with iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max.
  1. Colour options. There are many attractive designs and colour options for every iPhone series back cover such as red, blue, black, orange, etc.
  1. Scratch Resistant – Our covers prevent scratches on your iPhone.
  1. All-round protection – These covers provide all-around protection for every iPhone series. 

We hope you are now aware of the features of our covers, and we assure you that the covers provide maximum protection.

Our camera slider covers have a slider to protect the iPhone’s camera. We know the iPhone camera is extremely important to the iPhone, and our Camera Slider will keep dust and dirt out of the camera area as well as prevent scratches.

You need to know about the specifications of the Covers :

Protection – The phone cover is supposed to protect the phone from major drops and scratches, and these phone covers do just that. These Shockproof Covers prevent edge damage as the material used is silicone. It is pretty much durable.

Budget – An iPhone cover should be worth it, and the budget should be such that it justifies all the features. If the possibilities offered by the covers are great, you can even buy a cover. We provide you with great features in an affordable range. This makes it the perfect choice if you want a smart iPhone cover.

Design – Design is the main characteristic when choosing a cover. We have a simple and elegant design that goes well with all types of clothing and brings out your personality. Our simple yet eye-catching design will look stylish and instantly grab your attention.

Material and quality – You must have great material for your iPhone case because you hold your phone multiple times a day, so we ensure your iPhone stays closed.

Our case does its best to protect the sides and back/screen and camera of your iPhone from scratches/drops, and it also has ergonomic and precise openings for all ports and buttons. Features Precise holes for the Lightning port, camera, speaker.

Super easy access to all of your iPhone’s buttons. Lightweight, thin and soft without adding bulk. Good grip and gripping touch without sticky marks. Easy to install and uninstall from your iPhone. Stylish carbon fibre pattern on flexible TPU rubber.

Fortunately for business e-commerce services, everything is available online. Online shopping is the best platform for finding affordable iPhone 11 covers. On the Internet, you can see other reviews and testimonials, as well as be able to compare different price ranges that you like.

Visit EliteCatchersStore to have a look at attractive and classy iPhone covers. Colours refresh and personalize your iPhone. You should also check out camera slider cases, tempered glass and screen protectors by browsing our website. We offer good quality with branded and latest iPhone cover that is essential and different from the others.

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