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India’s Snowland Bhrigu lake trek Full Guide 2021




Ever visited the land of your dreams? If no then it’s time for you to stop by this exotic location. Bhrigu an amalgamation of the beauty of nature and meditation. Bhrigu lake like you are going to the calmest location in your life. It brings a smile to your face and has a completely different soothing effect upon you. It cleanses your soul and makes you feel at peace. A perfect way to get away from city blues. The place is worth its weight in Gold and is so exclusive that you won’t want to go back home. Its just perfect for everyone and especially for a group of people, families to spend quality time together.


Just imagine the wind around you and hugging your cheeks gently and creating your soul dance with joy. even though the person falls in need of strength and stamina then the exclusive beauty can inspire them. These places are just like the gifts of the character and can entertain you with its simplicity and eternal beauty. The cool breeze, gentle sunshine, and beautiful sunrise could be a dream to look at and it’s going to come back true here. The pleasure you seek will be unmatchable.


About the place – Bhrigu Lake

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake  for the lake steeped in mythology. It lies in Himachal Pradesh, around 20 km north of Manali and may be accessed from Gulaba.It is  the place where the Saint Maharishi Bhrigu Sat in deep meditation. However, we tend to believe the lake isn’t the sole reason for the trek . The lush grasslands is nature’s blissfulness  that it’ll rejuvenate your mind and soul.To enter an alpine hayfield in our country, one needs to usually pay a minimum of on a daily basis or 2 trekking in the treeline. we tend to talk for  2 or 3 days .

This can be  a result of most alpine meadows begin at around eleven,000 linear unit higher than the treeline. However, you’re in the meadows in just  ten minutes! The meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trail are so wide – nearly like an endless carpet. Wild horses gallop around you. The grazing sheep hunt after you start up the treeline, nearly like to greet you.From these grasslike knolls, you’ll see the mountains of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar dominating the skyline. The place is scenic that you might want to stay there forever. Its beautiful and the clean and pure atmosphere will make you feel so relaxed and calm that all your stress and pressure will be released. Its going to be all so beautiful  that it will blow your minds off. The place with the serene views will make you want to fall in love with the place. 


Best Time to go to Bhrigu lake

Bhrigu Lake could be of high altitude and it is in serious trouble nearly four months in an  year. The best possible time would be in June . you’ll extend it to  October. So, it’s better  to go for Bhrigu Lake Trek in June. Its the loveliest time  when you’ll love the exotic weather.


Difficulty level 

The Bhrigu Lake  is  not so easy or not so difficult  . you begin from an altitude of 8,530 km at Gulaba and you reach the very best purpose at 14,009 ft.



Important Things to hold


Toilet facilities are going to be obtainable at the bottom village.

We advise people with  medical problems /history to not take . Still If he/she will thus, it should be at the person’s risk. The management won’t be answerable.

Parking facilities is out there at Base village

Smoking/drinking/smoke up is strictly prohibited.




There are certain things one should keep in mind before planning for a trip like they must not forget packing good quality shoes, heat jackets, torches with  batteries , waterproof luggage, caps or hats to stay away direct sunlight, lots of food, water and money during emergencies. Patients of heart, asthma, brain disease or the other body disorder should take further care.


Bhrigu Lake has been an incredible location for tourists and is a very popular one. The exquisite and impeccable beauty it possesses will make you fall in love with the place. The silence prevailing all over will make your mind peaceful and will make you feel relaxed. The abundance of nature’s presents are quite evident here and will surprise you every time you visit the place.

During this splendid traveling experience to Bhrigu Lake, you will encounter the neighborliness of the Himalayas during the evening, as you stay in mind blowing camping areas in the strong mountains. Dig in the neighborhood culture and appreciate the shocking vistas from every one of the camping areas!


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