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In 2021, the best long-range CB radio will be

Some may believe that Citizens Band or CB radios are obsolete. That is not the case, and their presence is largely justified by their dependability in times of crisis or pressing communication needs.If you believe that a most powerful cb radio is a must-have for carrying out your daily chores and are now looking for the best CB radio on the market, you should have a look at our top five. These suggestions are based on thorough research and product analysis.

A brief summary of the products that have been reviewed Our findings is summarized in a competitive analysis table so you can immediately examine key features and how the products compare.



It has an unbeatable brand, pricing, features, and quality. As a result, the Uniden Bearcat 980 is an amazing all-in-one unit that many road users favor. Because this is one of the new SSB-enabled CBs with a 12 watt extended output, it allows for mid-to-long-range communication. When communicating within 2-14 miles, the sound quality is clear and sharp. Other customers have stated that they were able to utilize it without issue over a 30-mile radius.

This device not only provides customers with 40 channels, but it also provides rapid access to Channel 9, the emergency frequency. It has a noise-canceling microphone and is, therefore, suitable for use on the road. This product is also wireless mic compatible for consumers who want more mobility.

Another beneficial feature of the Bearcat is the huge display, which has seven different illumination colors to choose from, which is especially useful when traveling in low light. The weather alert, which is now standard on most radios, is also accessible on the Uniden Bearcat 980. As a Uniden product, you may rest assured that the sound quality will be excellent. In fact, it includes an automated noise limiter as well as a noise blanker, which we believe most truckers would appreciate. For those searching for a good long-range CB radio, we highly recommend the Uniden Bearcat 980, which has mid-range pricing and all of those characteristics.


The SSB function is turned on.

Weather Alerts from NOAA

Microphone with noise cancellation

SWR calibration built-in CONS

Only connects with devices that support SSB.

The display can be difficult to read at times, especially in bright light USER REVIEWS

The majority of the remarks focus on how simple the product is to use and how well it performs when fitted in pickup vehicles. Installation and scanning are two of the simplest features to set up. Another feature that people enjoy is the weather alert. The most prevalent complaint is that the display is difficult to read in direct sunlight. Furthermore, some customers have observed display sensitivity to heat or even LCD display breakdown.

Cobra 29 LX Professional CB Radio – Runner-Up

If you’re a trucker, you already know Cobra is a well-known brand when it comes to communication devices, which is why the Cobra 29 LX is our runner-up. This radio is one of the Cobra 29 series’ items, and it’s an update over the earlier 29 LTD. It meets the 4-watt output standard set by law, much like other CB radios. Its outstanding feature set, on the other hand, makes it yet another recommended product.

It has 40 channels to choose from, including Channel 9, which is reserved for emergencies. Durability and quality should be unthinkable for a Cobra product. Added features including a noise blanker that reduces interference and an RF level control make it easier for drivers to interact while on the road.

This CB radio also stands out from the crowd with cool features like built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to use your smartphone to answer, place, and end phone calls with the push of a button while staying focused on the road.

It also has a feature called “Rewind-Say-Again.” This allows you to listen to the last 10 seconds of a missed call that was automatically recorded by a digital voice recorder. As a result, you’ll never miss out on important information again. The Cobra also has the ability to record a 10-second memo that may be played back at any time.

A dynamic microphone is also used in the Cobra 29 LX, which helps to improve sound quality. This product does not support SSB, yet it can communicate over a range of 6 to 8 miles. Some users claim that they were able to communicate across a distance of 15-30 miles with this equipment.




Bluetooth is included, as well as a noise-cancelling feature.

SWR calibration built-in

Pricing in the middle.

Has an immediate emergency CONS OF CHANNEL 9

There isn’t a weather alert feature.



According to reviews, the Cobra 29 LX is a wonderful product for the money. Truck drivers who have purchased and tested it claim it works well and is simple to install and tweak. Others say the sound quality is great, and that the fact that it’s a Cobra product is enough of an assurance that it’ll last.


Uniden Pro510 XL is a good budget option.

Uniden’s Pro510 XL is a heavy-duty CB radio from the company’s Professional line. This CB radio is FCC-compliant and offers access to 40 channels with a 4-watt output. It has a minimum communication range of 2 miles and a maximum communication range of 25 miles. The long-coiled microphone is a good feature of this product because it provides for more movement and comfort when in use.

Because it’s a most powerful cb radio for both road and off-road use, the ANL (automated noise limiter) improves sound quality and communication. This radio has an external speaker jack, so users who need to utilize an external speaker should have no trouble doing so. It’s a perfect companion for different types of vehicles because it’s smaller than other CB radios but yet has an easy-to-read LED display. As a result, we suggest Uniden’s Pro510 XL for its cost and dependability.




A noise-reduction system that is both affordable and automatic CONS

There is no option to scan.



The majority of the remarks are about how simple the Uniden Pro510 XL is to set up and use. Customers report that it’s a compact CB radio that works well in their vehicles. Some consumers even claim to have multiple Uniden products and strongly recommend them. It’s a good product at a reasonable price and with a small footprint. Users claim that with the correct antenna, this CB radio may be a reliable communication tool even when used in the woods or mountains.


MIDLAND 1001LWX is the best value.

Midland is another well-known CB radio brand. Despite the fact that it has been in business for a long time, it continues to provide high-quality equipment at a low cost. In fact, at a low price, the 1001LWX is a CB radio with many of features and a 2-20-mile communication range. 

There’s also an RF Gain control that you may tweak to improve sensitivity and transmission quality. The 1001LWX features an automatic noise limiter (ANL) built in for users who are dealing with weak signals and noisy settings, which is very handy while conversing with other radio operators. Some of these features are more than truck drivers or operators require, but they do make the product more valuable for the money. So, if you’re searching for a CB radio that will give you your money’s worth, the Midland 1001LWX is the way to go.





Noise limiter that works automatically

CONS: Automatic weather scan feature

There are no NOAA warnings.



Many people think that Midland’s 1001LWX is a fantastic device for money. It’s a small device, but it’s packed with useful functionality. Several reviews mention how effectively the weather scan feature works and how simple this item is to set up. Some users described how they were able to successfully utilize the unit when 4x4ing or hiking in the highlands.

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