Improve SAT Reading Score With These Tips

If you have just passed your high school degree, then you should be doing preparations for a college education. Most of the colleges in India and in the foreign countries accept the SAT entrance exam which allows students to get admission in a college based in India or abroad. In order to pass the SAT, you will need to notch certain scores which is a part of the admission process. It is your SAT score that will play a vital role in college admissions. SAT is basically a pencil and paper test. Students have to answer multiple-choice questions within a stipulated time. SAT is administered by the college board to know whether students are ready to be a part of a college academics. It is the college admission officers who will review the standardized test alongside the letters of recommendation from your teachers, the classes you took in your high school, extracurricular activities, your high school GPA, and admission interviews. The higher your scores will be on the SAT, the chances of getting admission to a college will be higher. As the scores of SATs are important, you should know how to improve SAT reading score.

About SAT Basics

The duration of the SAT is approximately three hours. You will get an additional 50 minutes if you take an optional essay test. There are basically two sections in SAT. Reading and writing test and math evidence-based test. Some colleges may expect you to take the essay test. Before appearing for the SAT,  have detailed information on the admission policies of the colleges. Most high school students appear for the SAT either during the spring season when in their junior year or during the fall season when they are in their senior year. Before you apply to a college, you can retake the test in order to increase your scores. You can apply for the SAT test in March, May, and June or in October, November, and December. The sum of your section scores will be your total SAT score. Every section of the SAT is scored on the basis of a 200 to 800 point scale. The highest score is 1600. You will get separate scores if you take the essay test. Before the SAT date, you will have to register your name for the test. You can also select to do online registration through the website of a college board.

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Effective Tips On SAT Reading Score

* To read five passages, you will get 65 minutes. Also, you will have to answer 52 questions. Compare the passages and find the main idea of the entire passage.

* Reading questions will be in chronological order. Choose your own order while answering questions. Some questions might seem difficult to you. You can skip difficult questions which are unable to answer.

* During the English class, teachers ask your opinion based on the text. In the SAT,  your opinion will not be asked. When you see questions that contain suggestions or imply, be careful with such questions.

Keep in mind the vital tips to improve SAT reading score mentioned above which will help you get a good reading score on the SAT.

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