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Importance of Timely Toilet Training in Kids

Toilet training plays a very crucial role in any toddlers’ life. It is new to them to experience and to learn.  Also, the right time to start toilet training depends on several factors, including your child’s readiness, the training methods, and even your childcare needs. Wondering if your child is ready to drop their diapers and sit on the kids’ friendly kids toilet seat? Well, its time that you invest in it as there are many positives of toilet training, some of which include:

Makes Kids More Independent and Confident

Toilet training can help develop a great sense of independence in toddlers as they can control all the toilet activities themselves. They won’t require your assistance to change their nappy. This way, they won’t only gradually learn to change nappies but, over time will feel equally capable of being able to change their own clothes.

With the passing time, kids will feel more independent and likewise confident every time they go on the toilet as they’ll be able to do it all by themselves.


Another major advantage of timely potty training in children is that it boosts their confidence, reflecting in their social interactions. By age three, children become more socially aware. They understand the need to go to the bathroom by self, and if they couldn’t, they can have social anxiety. The ones who can relieve themselves on their feel more like adults, whereas the peers who still need an adult’s assistance feel like still being a baby.

Milestone Both for Parents and Toddlers

Parents try hard to make their child learn potty training as they’ll be somewhat free, and the child will be independent too, so it is a milestone for both the kids and parents.

Toilet training becomes one of the initial milestones to be achieved in both the toddler’s life and the parents’ life. The major reason being the child has initiated the process of being able to take care of their own hygiene. On the other hand,  parent’s can also easily analyze how fast the kids are growing and developing.

Things to Remember

Start Early:

Always remember, the earlier you start, the earlier you are likely to finish. Some early signs that your child is ready for potty training and independence to include going to a private place to do their business or informing you about the need for a diaper change. This usually begins when the child is about one year old! Though many people might think this age is too young to start with, it takes the child to recognize the need for training after considering their bodily signs. To simplify this process, you can ask them if they need to use the bathroom and further help increase their awareness.

At times, kids don’t show their interest in toilet training naturally by themselves. As they gradually grow older gradually, they often resist to potty training, and it becomes more difficult to train them not easier. Moreover, toddlers become more accustomed to controlling their bladder or bowel movements with the passing time, making it more difficult to unlearn those bad habits.

Is It Right Time to Toilet Train Your Child?

Every child is unique, with one being different from the other, and they will grow at their own pace and will take time different for the need to begin using the toilet.

You can make out on your own if your kids are ready for toilet training or not by finding out if they keep their nappy is dry or wet most of the time or if they are talking about the need to go to the toilet to their peers, etc. This way, you can get a fair idea of their interest.

When you start toilet training of your child, make it a key rule to get your hands on nice potty training seats that look attractive and kid-friendly. Also, you need to have lots of spare clothes ready for them.

Making Potty Training Easy

You can certainly do this much-needed training for your kids by getting some nice potty training seats for kids that are:

  • Attractive, cute, and have an interactive design
  • Are comfortable and small as per the kid’s age
  • Doesn’t Overflow
  • Easy to Clean and Sanitize to Maintain Hygiene
  • Safe and Stable keeping in mind your child’s security

To shop for the best Toilet Training Seats that are functional and perfect for your child, visit Happee Shopee. It is perfect to help your kids learn to use the toilet from a very young age.

Visit the website now to find the variety of comfortable and adorable potty seat for kids. Also, let us know your potty training tips in the comments section below for other parents! Check out many other productive household items at Happee Shoppee now.

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