Import OLM Contact List to iCloud Account – Simple & Efficient Method

Contacts play a major role today in communication with people across the globe. There arises a need among the users to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud may be due to the accessibility or want to communicate not only through their emails but also from their mobile phone. Having your entire contacts portfolio in one place enhances your ability to work faster and efficiently. Importing Contacts to iCloud indirectly syncs all your contacts in your mobile phone and thus you can easily communicate through your cell phone.

From this article, you will get the why and how to move contacts from Outlook for Mac to an iCloud account with ease.

Why we need to Import OLM Contacts

Many people use Outlook for Mac on their System for their professional work and thus they might save their entire Contacts in the OLM file. The OLM file is a database used by Outlook to store emails, calendars, contacts, diaries, etc.

So, you need to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud if you want to access your entire contacts on your mobile phone. iCloud directly syncs all your entire information like emails, contacts, documents, photos, etc. Outlook provides a kind of backup to all your data in a single file extension. Thus, you need to convert the Outlook OLM file to iCloud. People seek solutions on the internet for the same but couldn’t find a reliable one. And you already know that there is no Manual Method to Import your OLM files to iCloud, and thus seek our help in the situation. In this article, we will provide the immediate solution for your issues.

This blog gives you the permanent and direct method to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud instantly. There is no Manual Procedure for it and thus we would give you the Expert’s Choice. Follow and read the article carefully to ensure successful completion.

Import OLM Contacts to iCloud Directly without any glitches

People often want a free method to Import their OLM files to iCloud but there is no Manual Procedure for that as of now. You need to have a Smart and reliable method to proceed with the entire process. So, the most exotic tool to OLM Converter for Mac. This tool works perfectly and does your tasks with 100% accuracy as soon as you upload your OLM files. The tool not only imports OLM files to iCloud but also you can convert the files to any of your chosen formats. The application comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI.

Get the application if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for the OLM file. Else, get OLM to vCard Converter for Mac to convert the contact files to vCard format and then import the files directly to iCloud.

vCard or VCF files are the commonly used file extension to store contact information. It consists of name, phone number, email address, address, and all the other contact data. VCF file is the opted format to import and export contact information to another source.

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What Makes the Tool Best?

Well, this question arises whenever we need to select a third-party tool. More than batch migration of contacts from Outlook for Mac to iCloud, one must check other important features before choosing a software. To make your work easy, let me walk you through the different features of the applications.

Two Different Add Options: The software offers you a dual-mode to upload OLM files in the software. Either add multiple OLM files or a complete folder with multiple OLM contact lists. Resulting to import OLM Contacts to iCloud in batches.

Maintain Data intact: The wizard converts the entire OLM files with all its Meta components, thus there will be no glitches in the procedure. The tool maintains the folder hierarchy during and after the conversion.

Independent Utility: The application is purely a standalone one thus, you don’t need installation of any other application.

Other features: The software provides you with the flexibility to choose your destination location and file naming conventions.

Test the Demo version

Before purchasing the application, the free demo version of the wizard provides conversion of 25 OLM files to iCloud in its trial version. This allows the user to understand the working and the capability of the application. After satisfied with the trial service upgrade the tool to Pro edition with an unlimited migration option.

Steps to Follow

Here are the following steps which you can follow to Import OLM files to iCloud directly: –

First of all, convert the contacts from Outlook for Mac to vCard or VCF format and then effortlessly import the files to iCloud account.

Download and install the software today effortlessly.

Step 1: Convert OLM file to vCard/VCF file format

  1. Start the software on your Mac System.
  2. Now upload the OLM files which you wish to convert using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options. Now choose the vCard option from the Select Saving list.
  3. In addition, select a destination to save the received file.
  4. Then select the file name from the file name parameter.
  5. Finally, click the export button.

Step 2: Import the vCard file into iCloud

  1. Start by logging in to your iCloud account by entering your account credentials.
  2. Then press the Contacts option.
  3. Navigate to Settings to Import vCard.
  4. Now choose your destination location.
  5. Now finally click the open button.

Finally, you’re done with your process and you can see your imported contacts into your iCloud account. You can now easily access your contacts from your iPhone.

Wrapping up

The article explains to you the process to Import OLM files to iCloud directly without any trouble. There many reasons as to why people want to import, one of the reasons could be because of the accessibility problem, people want to access your contacts from iPhone, and thus importing to iCloud will directly sync your contacts and thus, you’ll be able to access the contacts. The wizard suggested here offers a dual-mode to upload the OLM files in the software. The tool offers you the flexibility to choose your destination location and file naming conventions.

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