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Computers and Technology

Import MBOX to Zoho Mail With All Attachments and Other Data

Synopsis: If you’re seeking for the most effective way to import MBOX to Zoho Mail, this blog may be your final stop. This article describes the best method for importing MBOX files into Zoho Mail, including attachment and other attributes. We highly advise you to scroll down the page to discover the best migration solution.

The Advantages of Using MBOX File with Zoho Mail

  1. Email communication is as basic as message passing. By exchanging whole directories, you may analyze or assign a large number of emails at the same time. You will no more waste time looking for files since they will all be neatly organized and linked in a single location. Reread it, resend it, or post it online. Make better use of your ties.
  2. Within the mailbox, Zoho Mail has an embedded calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and favourites. We can accomplish more if all of your things are in one place.

Consequently, these are a few of the qualities that make Zoho Mail beneficial to you. As a result, we offer a solution to allow you use the functionality of Zoho Mail while maintaining MBOX files. Please review it.

How to Import MBOX to Zoho Mail? The Best Answer

You may export MBOX files to Zoho Mail using the MBOX File Converter. This software does not necessitate any further settings to import MBOX folders or files as well as all attachments, contacts, and other data, right into Zoho. Furthermore, it offers the smoothest MBOX to Zoho transfer technique. So let’s start with the approach of the tool. We will walk you through the process of integrating MBOX folders into Zoho. As a result, reading them is beneficial.

The program is all-inclusive and provides several benefits. You may also use the application to import MBOX files into CSV, Yahoo, Outlook, and other accounts. You can choose from a variety of saving options provided by the application.

Step-by-step Guide for Importing MBOX Files into Zoho Mail

  • Firstly, obtain the MBOX to Zoho import tool. The import tool must then be installed and activated before MBOX files can be imported into Zoho.
  • Now is an excellent moment to select the Open tab. Choose Email Data File. Choose MBOX File, followed by either Files or Folder.
  • Submit the MBOX files you wish to import into Zoho Mail into the migrating tool.
  • After loading an MBOX files into the program, a glimpse of the file may be viewed.
  • Before moving to the next level, you may also see your MBOX emails in Hex and Raw format.
  • If you would like to look for something specific, you may use the search box. To search anything inside a specified time period, use date range.
  • From the toolbar, choose the Export option. Select IMAP as your storage method.
  • Simply enter the username and password for your Zoho Mail account. Also include server’s hostname as well as the port number. When you’re completed, click the Save button.
  • The procedure will then start. It’ll only take a few seconds. You will be contacted once the procedure is completed. You will also be given an Open Folder tab to allow you to immediately access the destination of your generated files from the software.

As a result, these are the only steps necessary to use the application to import MBOX to Zoho Mail. Now, we’d want to demonstrate some of the product’s features that make it the best and most suitable choice for you. So pay attention to them.

Discover a Few Aspects of the Program

  1. User-friendly: It makes no difference if you aren’t a technical expert. The application is intended for both technical and non-technical users. It features a user-friendly UI. As a result, even if you are using it for the first time, you will encounter no difficulties.
  2. Mass Transfer: The tool supports the simultaneous movement of thousands of MBOX files to Zoho Mail. The app’s functioning places no limits on the overall number of files that may be uploaded simultaneously.
  3. Preview Function: The program also allows you to examine MBOX files before exporting them. If you routinely work with certain file formats, this strategy is beneficial. You may use this tool to determine if the files you’re exporting into Zoho are necessary.
  4. In-depth Examination: The program does a lot more than just analyze the content of MBOX files. If you wish to undertake a forensics study, you may examine your MBOX messages in Hex and Raw mode. The application includes many preview modes that you may utilize depending on your needs.
  5. Device Compatibility: The app works with any device that runs Microsoft’s Windows OS.  You may import MBOX to Zoho Mail on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and all editions below.
  6. Search Utility: If you need to find a specific thing within all MBOX files, the Powerful Search function of the application might be quite useful. You may use the search box to find specific emails from a particular period of time or an email address.
  7. Incorporate Email Header: If you utilize the MBOX to Zoho import Tool, you could include the message header for every one of your emails before transferring them to the Zoho server. This result will be obtained by selecting the option.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MBOX files included in one of my Gmail accounts were extracted using the Takeout application. Is it possible to import MBOX files saved in Gmail into Zoho Mail?

The application works with all MBOX files, regardless of where they came from (for example, from a Gmail account, a Opera Mail account, or another service).

How many MBOX files can be processed concurrently by this MBOX to Zoho converter when exporting MBOX files into Zoho Mail?

The MBOX file to Zoho converter has no restriction on the number of MBOX files that can be converted. It is not required to consider the overall number of files before moving them.

I have a MacBook pro; will I be able to use this tool?

The application will not work on a Mac because it is not compliant with such gadgets; nevertheless, you could utilize it on a Windows machine to import MBOX to Zoho Mail.

Can I export MBOX files into multiple Zoho Mail accounts at once?

The program can transmit files from MBOX files to any Zoho account to which it is granted access. You can purchase the access code for an unlimited number of migrations.

Is it feasible to simply download all of the attachment from the MBOX files instead of transferring the complete data set?

Yes, there are several extra functionalities in the application. You may easily extract the email address, any attachments, and any telephone number from MBOX files. When using this program, you are not constrained in any manner.


Import MBOX to Zoho Mail in bulk, with all associated characteristics, in a simple and quick manner. The MBOX files to Zoho import tool has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. As a consequence, it includes a number of features that, when combined, will make your time with it more beneficial. You must use this tool at a certain point if you want to have a pleasant experience with this sort of data movement.

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