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If You Had It To Do Over Again….

If You Had It To Do Over Again….

So it has been just over a year since I have constructed this site, the changes that have occurred for me have really been journaled here as I have learned it. What I have noticed myself telling people time and time again is how I would do things differently “if

I had known then what I know now.” Truth is, I do have it to do differently which is why this site is getting neglected lately.

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When I started to work from home with Znz I had no idea how much (and how quickly) this would evolve, but I have allowed myself to be consumed by “work from home facts and myths.” (mistake #890,231

What I am saying to those of you who follow me is that I am sure you have noticed me falling back in the rankings lately, and there is a reason for it. So please let me explain!

If You Had It To Do Over Again….

While I am not saying “Good-bye”, in essence, I am letting this site go as far as my continuing to rank it and dominate Google for things like “work from products here like Se nuke (my top seller for sure);

I have been breaking my neck trying to get to the top spot of Google for that term, (and of course the infamous work from home phrase) and I am still not there.

I thoroughly enjoy providing all of this information for the “newbies”, but the reality is I have learned the art of affiliate marketing now and this is

MY CAREER and it’s time to move on. So what this post is about is simply to let all of you know exactly how I am in the process of completely taking my work from home income to an entirely new level by simply “doing it over again.”

I also want to give you a step-by-step guide of how you can do the same if you are in fact determined to succeed in affiliate marketing. If You Had It To Do Over Again….

1. Find a well-converting and well-searched product (singular 🙂 ) preferably one with low competition.

2. Throw together a WordPress site with a few banners and a lot of great quality content.

3. Use Senuke and The Best Spinner to rank it quickly.

4. Build a few more and do the same thing!!!

That’s really it in a nutshell!

This site started with Znz…then I stumbled onto Senuke and affiliate marketing….then I began teaching others how to work from home… Google can’t figure out what it is to put me on the top page for.

Yet I am over here determined to be on the top page for ALL IT! Lol

The truth is that my top converting products here are Znz and Senuke.

I already dominate Znz in the SERPs (because that is what began this site) but I can’t seem to own Senuke the way I want to, yet Senuke plays a huge role in my income! If You Had It To Do Over Again….

Therefore, I am venturing out and throwing together a new blog devoted entirely to Senuke! According to

Google’s Keyword Tool Senuke is searched almost 35,000 times in the US every month and yet there are only 1 million search results that are returned when you Google it.

Owning that traffic is immediately going to quadruple my income, and by using Senuke I will be in the top spot by summer’s end. EASILY
Now there are a couple of other sites I am constructing that have nothing at all to do with working from home, but again they are well-converting products with NO RETURNS and low competition.

Hopefully, you are seeing where I am going with this and why.

When you are trying to rank sites it is all about keywords and content!

When you can keep the content “consistent”

with what you are trying to rank for

it will happen so much faster and easier than a site like this will.

I have been so consumed with being the “top dog” in the work from home niche

I really lost sight of what I am doing it for.

What I am doing it for is a comfortable six-figure income that doesn’t consume

all of my time, and time on this site is exactly what I have given far too much of; it is time to move forward.

Life is all about “evolving” and learning through experiences, so if you find yourself running in circles and seemingly “chasing your tail”….it is not a failure to get off the merry-go-round and “start over.”

I think that is what I struggled with the most because

this has been “my baby” and I just couldn’t see doing anything else.

Thankfully I finally got past that illusion and accepted that I don’t have to be number

one in the world’s most competitive niche to prove I wasn’t “a failure.”

I simply had to realize that there is a much easier way to go about making a fantastic

work-from-home income with a lot less of my time and aggravation. If You Had It To Do Over Again….

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