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How yoga training is important for human health?

Yoga is a form of ancient spiritual exercise or practice that is performed to maintain coordination and balance between the mind and the body. It has its roots in the ancient period of Indian history. Yoga training is a practice of exercises and yoga asana. It is said that yoga asana relieves the persons inner negativity unites the body with the soul and a person experiences inner peace.

Yoga training is a kind of hand adjustment, modification of body which is done by body posture and arrangement of a pose. This has a significant impact on human health. Each pose has a specific target in body part which in turn make this part stronger and healthier.

Yoga is the practice of both mind and body it includes various styles like posters of body, movement of hand, breathing techniques and meditation.  yoga training brings about the positive changes in the human health.

In today’s world with full of hectic schedule, an individual surrounding by harmful substances in the atmosphere like pollution and the worldly things, Yoga can help to connect ourselves to our spiritual health through which one can have a feeling of relaxation and divine tranquility.

There are so many yoga training exercises and asanas. Meditation is also part of it. Yoga asanas like Dhanurasana (bow pose), Kukkutasana, Kurmasana (tortoise pose), Navasana and many more.

Benefits of Yoga training-

  • It helps in controlling the mind, body and soul. It helps in collaborating the persons physical and mental disciplines to achieve healthy body and peaceful mind.
  • This soothes your mind and help you to relieve stress anxiety depression and make the body peaceful.
  • It makes the heart healthy.
  • While you are meditating, you are connecting your soul with your subconscious mind and feel the peace inside.
  • Through Yoga training one can train your body to stay fit and healthy.
  • It will strengthen your core and give you strength to deal with health problems.
  • This will improves your flexibility and strength.
  • It will help you to eradicate stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension and obesity. It is one of the important methods to ease stress and promote inner peace. Various studies also shows that the yoga training is helpful to reduce anxiety problems also.
  • It maintains our blood pressure and regulate the normal functioning of the body.
  • It helps you to stretch your body and circulate the flow of blood throughout your body.
  • It’s a kind of investment for you for health and growth
  • It relaxes you and also help for your sound sleep.
  • It tackles with your mood swings also
  • By practicing this art of yoga, you feel refresh and reliving.
  • Yoga is very helpful for transforming your body.
  • It is helpful in developing muscles and reducing fat loss.

Despite of its advantages there are few disadvantages of yoga:

  • If you will not follow the yoga instructions, you will end up hurting your body.
  • Lack of experience and knowledge in yoga will lead you to put your body in danger.
  • It may increase the chance of stroke if done in a wrong way.



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