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How will vehicle warranty calls be in the future?

A warranty is a contract that is given to the customer by the business dealer to make up for any manufacturing faults that might resurface after the item has been bought. There are many different kinds of warranties. They depend on what you may be purchasing, the terms on the warranty might change. However, there are some ways in which companies deal with follow-up calls. For vehicles, these are called vehicle warranty calls. The name is quite straightforward. Because of the current situation with people scamming through claiming for warranty calls, companies are trying to find a way around it.


There are some basic mistakes that are made in this line of work which need to be avoided in order for the warranties to reach the customers as they should.

Business Case

For starters, in many warranty-making situations, people forget the business case. You have to lay down a budget for yourself and for your clients in order to make sure that the benefits do not exceed the budget.

Acknowledging the Customer

If you plan on ignoring the voice of the customer, chances are, you won’t get clients. You have to pay avid attention to what the customer has to say. This will also make sure that you do your work and answer the customer’s questions with due diligence.

IT Replacement

Many times, when the business isn’t doing that well, they begin to blame it on their lack of technological resources. However, more than half the time that isn’t even the case. When it comes to vehicle warranty calls, your customer service is what will lead you towards the top. Warranty is a matter of human interaction and one person explaining to another what exactly the issue may be.

Steps Taken to Improve

Because of the situation of the warranty scams, car dealerships and car selling companies are releasing some basic steps that people need to take. Thereby, to make sure that they do not get scammed in any way. This list of reasons will guide you best regarding the changes that have been made and the little things that you have to look out for. This is to make sure that you do not get scammed and end up wasting your money because you weren’t entirely attentive towards the entire process. Vehicle warranty calls are not a joke and shouldn’t be treated casually. See below list:

Time and Information

It is common practice for any business to provide their customers with a standard time and some follow-up information that will allow them to get a hold of everything when they need to. Apart from that, calls will also provide you with a solid proof of evidence. This will help you in situations where there is an actual fraud call that you are dealing with. Often times, people use this as a way of making easy money. However, if the call is giving you the proper time and the relevant information, it is less likely that they are a scam.

Personal Information

In many cases, scam callers will ask for the personal information of the customer. If the customer is gullible enough to give whatever information they ask then it is on them. But, in a legitimate warranty call, the people will give you their own qualifications before they ask for your information. The customer should make sure of their credentials and such before relying on them in anyway. This is also one way in which these calls will improve. Notifying and clearing things up with their customers before gaining any knowledge of their financial information.

The National Registry

There is such a thing as a national, do-not-call registry. If your number is on this registry, chances are you won’t get calls from any random numbers anyway. This is one way of knowing that you are being contacted by a random caller or a scam caller to be precise. In a situation like this, the only way you are going to receive any calls related to your warranty will be if you have requested them or if there is some urgency. In fact, companies have ways of resolving these situations if need be.

Implied Warranty

In most circumstances, when you buy a vehicle, the warranty may come with it. Calls regarding any warranty in the latter days are usually bogus and not worth trusting. In the future, the calls being made will be related to the warranty already given to you at the time of purchase. There is likely to be a number at the bottom of the warranty card or somewhere on the front page. If the call is from that number then you should be comfortable with giving them the information they need in terms of your vehicle. This system will be maintained.

Extended Warranties

More than half the time, if it is a scam call of all things, the talk may be of an extended warranty, rather than a regular warranty. If the caller talks of an extended warranty, that should be your red flag to stop talking to them. You should not give them any information regarding your finances.


In a scam, the caller is likely to be pressurizing you to buy something. In contrast to that, if the caller is calm and sounds like they know what they are talking about, they’re probably legitimate. A clear-cut sign of a scam artist is their need to convince you as much as they can which causes them to go too far.


If all else fails, you always have the FTC. You can file a complaint with the FTC to get some sort of redemption for what you have lost. However, when it comes vehicle warranty calls in the future, they may follow this set standard or tips that are aforementioned. It is much better to be safe than to be sorry and lose all your money. Calls are only reliable if you are aware that they are coming or if the number is known.

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