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How to Write Common Application Essays

The thought of completing your high school creates great feelings of elation but the feeling of dread and fear also follow. The fear and excitement of applying to a new university and worry about your application being accepted or not become a constant thought when reaching the end of the high school term.

After getting in the loop of applying for different universities, the realization that the process is not quite as easy as it seemed to be. The common thought must be, why colleges are using an online app for college essay submission.

Common App

Common application also referred as common app; is an online application connecting over 900 colleges on one platform. It is a platform for Ivy League schools, elite universities, and local universities. Common app easily shares your information and essays with all universities.

Common app not only shares basic information such as name and demographics, but it also lets the universities know about your interests and extracurricular activities. This makes the process of selection easier.

Writing an essay and submitting an application is not much different from writing an essay at home and later sending it to the university via post.

The important part is to follow the guidelines to write an exceptional essay for the college application.


The First step is to create an outline. Now an outline will be the rough structure of the essay. Everything about your essay will be decided through the outline. An outline will help achieve:

  • The topic of essay
  • Type of essay
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Make sure to invest some time and create a detailed outline.

Personal Statement

The next step is to determine that the essay is a form of a personal statement. The essay should reflect your characteristics, habits, interests, and thoughts. When the university admission committee reads your essay, they should be able to get an insight into your personality.

Word Count

Mostly college essays range from 650 words to 800 words. Common app allows 650 words per essay. Keep a close eye on the word count of the essay and stay strictly into the provided limit. Exceeding the word count or not reaching the limit will be a bad reflection on your writing skills.

Stick to the Track

During writing it is pretty simple to get sidetracked and start putting unrelated stuff in your essay. Put some effort and ensure to not let that happen. Concentrate on making the essay relevant according to the topic.

Display the Passion

The college essay should be reflecting your personality. Make an effort to display the passion you feel for the topic. It would give the perfect unique touch only your essay can have.

Informal Writing

Don’t put too much work into following a formal essay format for witting the common app college essay. Common app does not require a formal written essay. Universities are looking for someone out of the box, convey that image by keeping the essay informal. Insert some creative ideas, personal stories, and a little bit of humor to make it exceptional.


Draw from the entirety of your vocabulary when writing the common app essay. It is important to highlight your writing skills to the universities. But place the words in a flow. Do not overfill the essay with too much-advanced wordings. Make it look natural and not as though you picked up a dictionary before writing your essay.


After writing the essay take feedback. It is important to have your essay read by another person. They can find the missed mistakes and even give you pointers on changing things up and making them exciting. Possibly approach a teacher to give you feedback on your Buy Essay Online. As the teachers are experts in essay writing, they will help you fix any troubling detail of the essay.

The Outcome

Now if you are thinking writing your own common app essay is way too much trouble you can easily Buy Essay Online – and they will fix you a great common app essay in no time. But if you want to write your own common app essay, this is the perfect guide to follow.

Buy Essay is the Wise Option or Not?

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