How to Wash Football Cleats – The Right Way

How to wash football cleats after each game to make them last longer? Well, cleats are the most important part of a football player’s life, Through this guide, you can take some steps to prevent it, and we will provide you with some tips and tricks. Follow these simple instructions before going to wash your football shoes.

Step 1: Cleaning

First, remove all access dirt. When you clean the shoes, you need to tap the shoes at the same time to remove all the mud, grass, and dirt. It is best to use some tools to clean the shoes, such as brushes. Old toothbrushes can also do this, but you need to work hard. It’s also good to get a shoe cleaner.

Step 2: Use Soap or Shampoo to wash

Soak shoes before washing. cleaning dirty sneakers. Premium Photo

Take a bowl of water, a towel, or a cloth that you don’t mind getting dirty, and start working. You can use a soft brush to remove all dirt on the leather and use a harder brush to remove dirt on the bottom plate. Once they look good enough, use a fine brush.

After that, dip the brush in the soap solution and clean the bottom part of the cleats. However, the brush can cover grass and dirt. but, you need to put it under the running tap to get hard cleaning. After cleaning the brush, you need to pour it into a soap solution and scrub the shoes again.

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Step 3: Wipe the soles of your shoes

Get the paper towel and soak it in the same soap solution. Wipe off all the dirt on this paper towel. After wrapping the towel around your fingers, you need to clean all hard-to-reach areas on your shoes.

Step 4: Clean Your Shoe Laces

After removing the laces from the shoes, you need to immerse them in the solution. Then after 10 minutes, you need to scrub the laces from your toothbrush or fingers to remove the accumulated dirt. Place the shoelaces in the sun to dry.

Step 5: Clean the Top Portion of the ShoesHand holding shoe and cleaning with toothbrush. Premium Photo

To clean the top portion of your shoes, you’ll need first to dip the brush in the soapy solution and then use that brush to scrub the top portion. Put one hand in the shoe, and with the other hand, wipe the shoe with that brush.

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Step 6: Drying the Football Cleats

Dry Football Cleats
Dry Football Cleats

To Dry, the cleats wipe them off with a towel and then let them dry naturally. Clean it with soapy water to remove the dirt remaining on the shoes. It will also help if you make sure that the soles, sides, and tongue must be clean. After the cleats are dry, put the laces back in the cleats and put on the shoes. To make it faster, you can put something in your shoes to help absorb moisture.


There is no reason for using dirty and smelly boots. Simple cleaning methods and preventive measures are essential to continue to provide you with the best experience. Hope some of these tips will help you, and you will never have to deal with those smelly football boots. By properly maintaining your football boots, they can remain functional and durable. 

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