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How to use the dishwasher in the best way?

The modular Kitchen has a new permanent member in the form of a dishwasher. But our love for traditional kitchen methods does not let us make the best and profitable use of them. You are either a newbie for using the most reliable dishwasher or have been using it for quite some time. Here are some tips to let your dishwasher perform to the best of its capability. 

Loading in a go 

As a novice, you might feel convenient in doing individual dishes. But, to use the best bosch dishwasher in an efficient manner, is to make smart use of the space inside. Once you begin loading the dirty dishes together, you’ll have a better idea of stacking them. Here’s a tip for you. Go for bigger pans and plates first and fill the leftover space with small utensils.

Spoon separation 

Don’t place two spoons together. Divide them by placing a fork between them. This will help in better cleaning and the detergent can reach the tough areas without any issues. but, if you keep two spoons together, fair cleaning might be an issue. Your spoons might begin smelling and have stains on them. 

Make a good detergent choice 

Hard water can be hard on your dirty dishes too. The cleaning result will not always be in your favor this way. Hence, along with opting for the most reliable dishwasher, go for a good quality detergent. Have a proper market round and reach out to people who have experience with dishwasher cleaning. They can recommend some good and reliable detergents for cleaning utensils. 

Holders for small objects – a must 

A sink is way more different than a dishwasher. You cannot place spoons and kettle lids in the best bosch dishwasher like that. A sink is open and sorting utensils are simpler. You can pick and keep them at some other place while washing. Opt for a proper holder that takes helps in stacking them. If they are floating inside the dishwasher, they will chip in other utensils for cleaning as well. 

The magic spray arm 

A dishwasher’s spray arm hits the dirt on utensils with full force to clean them. So, always avoid overloading your dishwasher. Also, make sure that you are not blocking the way for the spray arm to perform its function. Place all utensils in the manner that they face the dishwasher’s center. Baking trays, molds, and pans have a flat shape. They should be at the dishwasher’s bottom rack for better and efficient cleaning.

Make way for surface water contact 

For the most reliable dishwasher to function excellently, check for the contact of dishes with the surface water. This is imperative in dishwasher cleaning. Don’t place big utensils like bowls on each other’s top. Also, avoid placing plates and other utensils inside them.  If you do this, water will not adequately reach these utensils, thus leaving them dirty. The higher surface contact of dishes and water will ensure better cleaning of dirty utensils. 

Unloading is an art 

Don’t begin with the random unloading of clean utensils. Once your best bosch dishwasher completes the cleaning cycle, some cups or bowls might turn upside down. Don’t hurry. Take out all the clean dishes first. Take out these at the end. The reason behind this is that they might have some detergent and water mixture. Taking them out at all will not let this mixture drop onto the clean utensils. 


Dishwashers are a modern engagement for sorting and cleaning dirty utensils. Gone are the days when sinks were overflowing with dirty dishes. Cleaning would take hours but now, it’s a lot easier and convenient with an excellent investment in dishwashers. 

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