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How to Use Emotion for Better Web Design and UX

Emotion is the key to better web design. People don’t connect with websites because of the layout, or how functional they are. The reason why people connect with websites is because of emotion.

Emotion plays a significant role in making your customers feel connected and comforted. Understanding your user’s intent, emotional needs from a product and providing them with it can lead to many conversions. This will make people feel comfortable with your business, and you will be able to build lasting relationships with them.

Here are a few tips to tap into the customer’s emotions and create better relationships with them. To effectively undertake this activity, employ a website design company and see accurate results.  

1. Take a qualitative dive and develop user personas.

It is essential to research your customer profiles before making a website design. The right end goals will be outlined, and opportunities realised only when you see and analyse the data.

Pick Google Analytics data for website visitors and pair them with what you know about your consumers. This will help you create the right buyer persona, which you can develop and research after. In order to do this better, go to competitor websites and look at them through the glass of your buyer persona. It will make you understand what works for them and what doesn’t. You can then adapt website-related concepts on your own website too.

2. Send online user surveys.

Using surveys to get genuine feedback about consumer needs and emotions is the right strategy. In order to send your customers a survey, you need to be clear about the questions and information you wish to seek.

When you want to improve or update your products or services, it’s important that you know what your customers think about them. A valuable way of finding out is through surveys, so here’s how to get genuine feedback.

In order to arrive at the right questions for your survey, ask yourself these questions –

  • What do you wish to know from this survey?
  • What will the survey prove?
  • How will I analyse data in order to answer questions?
  • Any additional factors that should be taken into account?

Surveys are a great tool to gauge the emotional needs of all users. Once all the feedback is collected from customers, you can better identify opportunities to satisfy consumer emotional needs and build greater relationships.

3. Conduct preference tests

Preference tests are a good way to gather feedback from customers. Companies conduct preference tests to ensure that the prototypes built after a lot of research fulfil criterion the website design was intended for.

Preference tests are important and should be done to ensure the objective of the website design meets your clients’ expectations. is essentially a survey that provides helpful feedback for designers who want to build prototypes and for companies that want to offer customers something uniquely their own.

The right preference test will tell you if the preferences and feedback upon which you built the design is effective or not.

4. Add Persuasive Content

While going through the above stages to better capture consumer emotion for your website, you may realise that there are some areas of tension. Have you heard that adding persuasive content can help your lead generation campaigns? It’s true. Adding content that is persuasive can help get more traffic to your site and generate more leads for your business. Some places of tension where consumers usually feel disconnected are –

  • When content isn’t informative, reassuring or persuasive
  • There isn’t enough social proof
  • Unclear calls to action

After realising areas of tension for your consumers and due feedback, you can add or remove irrelevant content. Also, wherever consumers feel disconnected, adding in just the right phrase or call to action can reduce bounce rates.

5. Tone

Words deliver a message, but the tone dictates how that message is received. Therefore, if you wish to connect well and create a lasting relationship with your customers, ensure to employ the right tone. Every brand and every industry has a set tone for it that all websites should generally follow. B2C companies usually take to a friendly, conversational tone to appeal to their large customer base. On the other hand, B2B companies like IT, services or accounting services choose a more professional and formal tone for their website.

So, read around and see what trends in your industry. Once you are sure of the tone and language that connects with customers, use it to build lasting relationships with your customer.

6. Colours

Colours play a significant impact on psychology. When used for a website, determine the response customers might get. Therefore, picking the right colour is essential for a good website design. For example, yellow and red when used for a website, rush the customers. So, those two colours are not the right choice when you want customers to read the content.

Colours like blue and green are considered safe when looking to appeal to a global audience. However, you should be careful with the shade of blue you use as well. Light shades of blue can be considered calming, but darker shades of blue depict strength and security. Keeping in mind the colours and their psychological impact, you need to pick the right combination for your website.

7. Images

During the very first glance, visitors will be able to decide whether your website is appealing or not. A huge factor determining whether your website is appealing or not are images. Images that have people in them connect customer more to your brand.

As a brand, you should choose pictures where you show your employees working, your work and satisfied clients. Customers relate better to such images, and this elicits a better emotional reaction from them. The right visual representation of your brand can have a huge impact on your sales. Whether it’s on social media or even in Google images, consumers are looking for brands that connect with them on an emotional level.

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