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How to Upgrade Your Home and Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

Doing renovation of the backyard may be a source of a big dilemma. What is your and your family’s activity for free time? How do you like to spend time together? Does any member have special needs? Do you have pets? Any of these and many other questions can majorly affect the design of your oasis.

To overcome the big dilemma and plan out the perfect backyard that fits everyone’s needs while still having the proper vibes that match your home, we’ve made a list of the best ideas for a backyard upgrade.

Declutter to see what you’re working with

Before you start, ordering new equipment, new lighting, and other backyard features, make some space for new. Clean out the old shed and furniture, and throw away anything you can’t use anymore. The features you don’t see a purpose for you can sell or gift to someone who would want it. You may be surprised what you make out of upcycling old backyard features and organizing your backyard.

Seating area upgrade

Maybe the most crucial part of your backyard is the lounge spot. Depending on your family’s wishes, you might consider investing in simple benches or a big lounge area for sleeping. If you want to keep your old furniture, add new colours and patterns with new pillows, blankets, and sofa covers. Play with combinations, and don’t be afraid of even adding every colour of the flowers from your garden.

Privacy fence in your backyard

A true oasis differs from the standard backyard with a sense of privacy. Fences are a great way to add to privacy, especially if you live in a more populated area. A taller fence can also lower the noise from the street to some percentage, especially when combined with trees and hedges. It also serves as a shield from the air pollutants from traffic.

Strategical shade

Adding additional shade to your backyard might be a more important investment than you think. Choose a spot where you want to be able to spend all day, or in the spot that can use a bit less direct sun. The shade can be made with a patio structure or with a tree and vine structure to add to the greenery and even positively affect the price of the house.

Decks and patios

Outdoors structures add additional room to your living room. You can add an open deck or a covered patio, or even a pergola, depending on the size, purpose, and style you are going for. The structures give a purpose to the otherwise open space and up your home value. You can go for a completely wooden structure or install outdoor tile flooring.

Pool, hot tub, jacuzzi

A backyard with a pool is the ultimate backyard for many. If you want to invest, be certain to understand that maintenance is not easy. Families with children will certainly enjoy having the convenience of a private pool, additional hot tub and jacuzzi for a dash of old luxury.

A birdbath or a pond

Other water features that keep returning are a birdbath and a pond. A birdbath can even be made in a form of a fountain, and apart from birds, it will attract bees and other pollinators. The pond can enrich the backyard with fish and plants that you otherwise might not be able to enjoy in, like water lilies.

Gardening beds in your backyard

The great thing about having a backyard is the ability to do gardening. You can choose to grow your food or plant flowers. To ensure your plants are growing in the best conditions, add raised flower beds and put the soil that will fit your choice of plants best.

Hydroponic garden for small backyards

Whether your home has a backyard that is small or concreted, you don’t need to give up on your gardening plans. The hydroponic growing systems can give you vegetables, fruits, or flowers, whatever you consider your ideal garden. Vertical gardening can be done both indoors and outdoors, so your garden might thrive even during winter.

Orchard for family

If your backyard has enough space for trees, you might consider buying a fruit tree instead of trees that don’t bear fruits. A few fruit trees will give back just a couple of years after being planted, giving your family a source of fruits every year.

Bug repellent plants and herbs

Spending time outside includes sun, greenery, but also bugs. The natural repellents will have a double purpose in a backyard as they will provide additional greenery while repelling mosquitos and other bugs that can bite. Multipurpose bug-repelling plants can also be in tea, cocktails and other beverages, food, etc.

Backyard Grill spot

Camping can be done in your backyard, not only in the wilderness. Apart from spending time outside, you can add the grill and eat the food you prepared. You can grill vegetables to satisfy everybody’s needs – tomato, zucchini, carrots, onions, and other vegetables.

Alfresco dining

Apart from the grill, there is an option to take your whole kitchen outside. This is called alfresco dining, inspired by Italia and their family meals. The dining table and a bar can already be all you need for an alfresco experience, but you can add a fridge to not miss out on the talk while going in and out of the house.


To be able to enjoy your backyard day and night, install lighting around it. You can choose to be more romantic and use strategic string lights and candles around the seating area, or go all out and add multiple lamps around trails and every area you want to spend time in the evening.


A walk around the backyard can seem like a walk in the park. By making trails around the backyard, you can preserve grass and garden while ensuring that everyone knows their way around your backyard. Trails will look wonderful if you have a big backyard full of trees and flowerbeds.


The main point of backyard renovation is to be able to spend more time outside, so why not be active? In smaller backyards where playing with the ball might be hard, a trampoline might provide great active pass time for adults and children.


The other way of engaging the young ones (or those young at heart) can be by adding an area that is only for playing. This can be anything from a simple swing to a whole playing area with agility equipment. For small children, you might use a flower bed as a sand pit, providing them with little shovels and letting them play all afternoon.

Fire pit or fireplace

Insert a fire element to add warmth in the chilly evenings and enjoy a longer season in your backyard, even throughout all winter. The fire pit looks great near the pool, whereas the fireplace can add to the alfresco experience. Be sure to use fire only in the area where it can be easily controlled and not in the open. The wind can easily turn a small fire pit into an emergency.

Don’t forget to plant flowers

What is the oasis without beautiful flowers? No matter the size of your backyard, flowers can grow near the fence, in pots, in designated flower beds, or around trees and other bigger plants. To enjoy the flowers as long as possible, look through the mixes of native flower seeds. They will be able to continue growing on their own and will greatly benefit even from little attention.

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