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How to Trademark and Copyright Your Blog’s Name and Logo

Do you want to copyright and trademark your blog’s name and logo? Trademark and copyright protect your name, brand and business against many legal challenges. This involves unlawful use of your copyrighted material or your brand’s name and logo. In this section, we will let you know how to trademark and copyright your blog’s name and logo for your business.

Why Should You Trademark and Copyright Your Blog Name and Logo?

If you run a small private blog or business website and do not have ideas to develop it further, then your artistic works are already protected by the copyright.

On the other hand, if you are doing business over states and intend to develop further, then it becomes important to register your copyright and trademark.

Registering your trademark and copyright enables you to prevent others from practising the identical or similar business style. You can get the exclusive right to manage your trademark for business.

It further makes you accountable for implementing the trademark. This implies that if you find someone violating your rights, then you need to give them a cease or desist letter and take additional legal action if needed.

What is the Difference between Trademark and Copyright?

Copyright and trademark both protect their intellectual property rights, which is why people frequently confuse the two terms.

What is Copyright?

Copyright refers to original works including written text, word, images, artwork, illustration, and more. As soon as a work is put in a solid form, it is protected by copyright laws.

In simpler terms, all original content of your website is protected by copyright laws without you doing anything extra.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks on the other hand are business names, sounds, word marks, symbols, or colours that identify goods and services from those produced or sold by others and to register the source of the goods.

In plain words, this can be your business logo, name, product name or brand mascot. However, you cannot register your name as a personal brand except it is truly different and widely known such as Johnsons and Johnsons, Marks and Spencer, Calvin Klein etc.

It is necessary to recognise that copyright doesn’t provide your business or logo with the same protections given by a registered trademark. For instance, some part of the sum of your copyrighted work can be practised under the ‘Fair Use’ principle.

Registered trademarks cannot be practised, and it enables you to protect your mark against impostors using related names to mislead your potential customers. If you have previously registered as a business in your state.  Then this doesn’t automatically save your business name as a trademark. 

How to Apply for a Trademark?

First, you need to know what you can offer as a trademark in your request.

 You cannot offer a name that someone else is already using as their brand.

  • Your name cannot be too related to an actual trademark
  • It requires to be different and not too general

There are three distinct application forms available with different fees. You will additionally find the information on which form to decide for your application on the page.

The application forms are very accurate, and you need to satisfy all the necessary fields. Once you apply, you will receive an email for a confirmation. After that, you need to wait for the approval.

Filing a trademark application is a legal method that requires to be managed carefully. We suggest hiring a lawyer to help you apply for the trademark. 

How to Copyright Your Blog’s Logo?

As stated earlier, all creative and artistic works are automatically protected by copyright laws. But, registering your copyright will assist you to add an extra layer of protection over your copyright.

Depending on where you are placed, you can normally find where and how to practice for copyright in your area online. The process would vary depending on your country’s rules and methods.

If you are placed in the United States, then you can utilise for copyright by visiting the United States Copyright Office website.

You will first need to find the proper category for your original work. For instance, if you are applying to copyright your brand or logo, then you will click on the visual arts section. For blog content, you will require to visit the ‘Other digital content’ section.

On the following page, you will be able to download the application form with the guidance available in different formats.

You can further apply for copyright registration online. You will have to give the copies of the work you are trying to protect.

Enforcing Your Trademark and Copyright

Once you have filed your trademark or copyright, you are liable for protecting it against violation. 

The first step in protecting your brands, trademark and copyright is to symbolise your registered trademarks and copyright protection on your website.

The trademark and copyright logos let others understand that they cannot use your protected properties for business.

If someone has taken your blog content or logo, then you can send them a cease and stop letter ordering them to remove the content. 

In case a business or blog begin using your certified or pending registration trademark, then you can assign them a cease notification too. You can additionally start legal proceedings to take more action if required.

 Click here to also know about the documents required for copyright registration.

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