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How to strengthen your back

Most of us complain about back aches these days, never mind the age. Every posture seems uncomfortable and popping pain killers like candy is not an option. Backaches not only make it hard to be mobile, but they also make everyday chores seem nigh impossible. Many people also have to take sick days, such bad is the pain.

Most of the times, the episodes of back ache come and go; at times, people are aware of what brought on the spasm. Some common culprits however include lifting heavy objects, not having good posture, hunching over screens all the time.

Usually, weak muscles of the back are responsible for most back pain problems. However, if the pain is serious, or you have sustained trauma to the back, you should enlist the help of the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore.

Strengthening your back

Not only are weak muscles painful, but they lead to other complications as well. Our spine balances our entire body, and when its muscles are compromised, naturally, balance becomes a challenge as well. Weak back muscles also cause tightness in the region as well.

As these muscles in the back are supporting your core, they need to be strengthened, and to not just remedy the pain. Exercise is an excellent and easy way to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Exercise that works wonders for the back include:


Bridges are powerful, yet easy to do. These do not pose much of a challenge and can be done from the convenience of your bed even. Bridges target glutes, which are one of the most important sets of muscles in the body. Strengthening them helps to improve wellbeing in general as well.

To do bridges, simply lie flat on your back, bend your knees. Place your feet hip width apart. Then, lift your hips towards the roof, squeezing them as your core remains somewhat airborne. Do not sag your back; you should form a straight line from the shoulders to hips. Remain in this position for at least a few seconds and bring your hips back to the ground. Do around 15 reps per set, and a couple of sets should be sufficient.

How to strengthen your back
How to strengthen your back
Cat cow pose

People who are familiar with yoga are an old hat at cat-cow pose. This too, like bridges, is very easy to do. This pose helps to lengthen the back, and thus makes it stronger. It also eases the tension from the muscles as well.

To do cat-cow stretches, go on all fours. Then, drop your chin as you arch your back. Make sure to pull your belly button in and elongate the spine. Hold the pose, and then switch to the cow pose. This time, lift your head up, and drop your belly now towards the floor.

Chest to Knee Stretches

This exercise is great for stretching and elongating the back. It therefore helps to relieve tension and pain from the back as well.

In this exercise, lay flat on your back on a flat surface. Bend your knees and bring them to your chest. Use your hands to lock the knee to chest for a few seconds. Move your leg back so that you lie flat on your back again. Repeat the exercise on the opposite leg. Do these reps a few times a day.


Planks are more challenging, but the benefits they offer are great as well. They target the entire body and are excellent for improved posture.

To do planks, lift your body on your forearms and toes of your feet. Make sure that you hold your belly button in. Your body should be taut and form a straight line. If you let it sag, you will not benefit fully from the exercise. Hold for a few breaths, and release. Repeat reps, but make sure to build your stamina slowly.

Seated lower back rotational stretches

Lower back aches are common especially when you wear bad shoes. But an easy way to remedy the pesky pain is by doing seated rotational stretches. They not only help to remedy the ache, but also strengthen back and core.

In this exercise, you have to sit on a stool or chair without arms. Then, twist your back towards your right, being sure to keep the spine elongated and hips firmly planted in the seat. Lift your hands up to your head, to make the stretch more effective.

After holding this stance, repeat the exercise on your opposite side. Do a couple and repeat sets through the day.

Word of caution

Exercise is a wonderous thing, but you also have to be careful alongside. It is incumbent on you to slowly acclimate your body, rather than doing vigorous exercise the very first day. Moreover, if you are not paying attention to your safety, the chances of injury are higher.

Also, listen to your body as you do the exercise. Otherwise, you might push it too hard, and bring it to the brink of injury. If you sustain any accidents through your exercise regiment, immediately visit your Orthopedic Surgeon in Islamabad.

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